Sunday, February 6, 2011

snow days

Our expected "dusting" of snow ended up to be 6 inches of fluffy white bliss! 4 days off of school, snuggling all cozy inside with the family, playing with friends, and just enjoying winter.
ella and kate getting ready to go play outside in their homemade sleds! Mike looks like a reindeer in training to pull santa's sleigh...
and he dumps our precious cargo! Woops! Ok, not ready for Santa just quite yet...
My sweet snow bunnies...
This was Luca's first snow! It was very very cold so we went outside to explore for a minute and then took the babies back inside. I kept him in my arms the whole time thinking I wouldn't be a target for snowballs if I had a baby in my arms...I was wrong!

Ok Mommy, this is fun and and all...and by fun I mean cold and take me inside and get all cozy with me please! I love his pout, aka, the luca lip :(
I have a feeling next year will be a different story with this boy in the snow :)

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