Sunday, February 27, 2011

gettin my craft on...

A friend of mine is getting married in December, and she found these adorable signs on etsy! But why order on etsy when you have a crafty friend dying for some projects to work on? (believe it or not all my crafty projects are complete at the moment) So, it was my pleasure to craft these signs she will use at her wedding. The front says Thank You and you can use them in pics for cards. The back is Mr. and Mrs. that she can use at her reception or for wedding pics.

My passion for creativity, crafting, and designing things, started waaaaaay back in the day! It really has been a life long hobby of mine. So I'm going to take you back to 1995! I was in the 5th grade and apparently I had a passion for fashion design ;-) My mom was cleaning out closets while being trapped in all the snow, and so when she came to visit us this weekend, she brought along many of my "lovely" creations (and by lovely I mean made with love) hand made by none other than.............wait for it................wait for it...........ME! In my defense, these are hysterical today, but back in 1995, vests, shortalls, and floral patterns were all the rage! I'm just sayin! My friend Cassie and I took a sewing class so we could make our own clothes...luckily, my taste has evolved through the years! So here we go...

I had Mike model my size fits all haha! I'm sure I meant to do that ;) I guess I was planning on growing into it for years and years to come. If floral vests EVER come back in style, I'll be set! haha
I also made my own swim suit cover up in a vibrant fish know you want one!
And this is one of my favorites...shorts with a matching vest in a lovely ballerina bear fabric. Totally tasteful don't you think?
Oh, yeah...and these were my short-alls! And it was only cool to hook one strap at a time :) I'm sure I sported these with some keds.
And last but not least, my friend Cassie and I painted coordinating Christmas outfits. I know what you're thinking...YES, I was/am a major Madonna fan...but NO she was not a factor in my choice of location to place the swirls. I obviously didn't have any womanly parts at that time and didn't think through this ;) I'm holding on to this one for a tacky Christmas sweater party I hope to host this next holiday season!
Pretty handy on the sewing maching for a kid don't ya think?!?! I can and still do make clothes for my babies, but don't worry, they don't look anything like these!

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