Sunday, February 20, 2011

ella's first dentist appointment!

Ella had her first dentist appointment! She was so excited that she talked about it all week and cried every morning when we told her she had to wait a few more days. We fully expected the big girl demeanor and excitement to turn into drama, terror, and tears when we actually went. But I am happy to tell you that mommy and daddy were WRONG! She got right up in her chair and after a little thumb sucking comfort (we forgot to tell her that dentists frown upon that) she was ready to go! She even sang to her hygienist...yep you heard me right. They said it was the first time that they had been serenaded by a patient...especially a tiny one :) I think it was twinkle twinkle little star and some Usher that won them over. By the end of the appointment she had them pulling out all the stickers and toothbrushes a girl could want AND had the dentist himself making multiple rubber glove balloons with specific artistic requests to be drawn on of course they had to hunt down a sharpie and go through a fair amount of rubber gloves to appease this girl. She acted just as any princess would. Gotta love this girl :)

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Samuel said...

Aww, isn't it nice to see kids excited about dentists? Perhaps it's a little less scary for them now, compared to when the adults today were young. The dentists are much more friendly in their work toward children now, so it's much easier for them.

-Samuel Hershey