Sunday, February 13, 2011

baby love at 6 months

L- littlest lovely
U- unbelievably snugly
C- cute as a button
A- all about mommy

This is how I would sum you up at your HALF BIRTHDAY! 6 months goes by so fast, but I have made sure to soak in every-single-moment...even our multiple midnight meetings and feedings :) We are delighted that God blessed us with a baby boy. We've known all about how special it is to love a little girl and now we know how special a love for a baby boy is. Boy, I could go on and on about you! I mean...those eyes, those lips, that tell me that's not just precious!

Here are the 6 month highlights:
-You give kisses on demand now! And I do demand a lot of them :)
-Your hair is adorably out of control
- You're a little squeaky when you're upset...kinda sounds like a kitty cat haha
-YOU ARE SLEEPING IN YOUR CRIB! Every night! For real! This was a big deal for you and I...but more so me :0)
-You recently just had RSV...BOO! Very scary.
-Your favorite past time is playing with your toes.
-You are not a big fan of baby food, which is super shocking judging by your big boy physique! You now get ticked if I even set you in the bumbo or highchair to suggest that baby food is on it's way.
-You are down to ONE nighttime feeding. Last night you slept from 7-12 and then from 12-8 with only one feeding!
-You can almost sit up and can scoot backwards on your belly.
-You love the jumparoo and can almost launch yourself out of it!

Also, you have officially won the heart of our resident princess. She doesn't much like it when you touch her "boodiful hair", but other than that you guys have really started to love on one another and have fun together. You think she's pretty cool and she is pretty proud of you. You are going to make a great team, we can already tell!

We just had our 6 month photo shoot! Pics on the way so be on the lookout!

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