Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Tiny Dancer

My little lady started dance class (tap and ballet) last weekend. It was a very proud moment for me!
In fact, I was so proud...I cried. Yep, I know...embarassing! I was one of "those moms".
Its just that she was loving it so much, had the biggest ballerina smile across her face, and was so darn cute. I couldn't help myself.
Don't get me wrong, I will support her in whatever she finds her interests it...
but I love that she is taking interest in one of my childhood hobbies that is near and dear to my heart :)
My proudest moment was when she took off like a runaway swan through the studio while Mrs. Melva chased her to get her back in line :o)
and also when she hopped like a frog and croaked as loud as she could in the ballet line while the other girls tip toed out and curtsied!
But she quickly started to realize that she was learning to dance...
and she took great pride in it (I think that's when the tears started flowing) ;)
Now tell me she's not just precious ;)
We got the go ahead from Mrs. Melva and so we went to Spotlight after class and purchased her very first pair of tap and ballet shoes! (that will be framed in my home forever after she outgrows them)
Oh, how I love having a little girl!

She has great rhythm! As for ballet, we are working on the the gracefulness of it all, but she is already a rockstar tapper! I can't wait for recital day...May 22nd!

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