Sunday, January 23, 2011

stuff they don't tell first time mothers

My granny clipped an article from the newspaper for me called "Stuff they don't tell first time mothers." She's always so good about sending little articles my way when she reads something applicable to me...which is great because reading the paper doesn't fit into my busy schedule these days :) I am not a first time mother, but these truths still ring true to this day! This article made me laugh out loud and I thought it was definitely blog worthy! It's pretty long so I'll choose a few of my faves. So here is to all my pregger and fellow mommy friends...

She starts off as:
Dear pregnant friends and breast feeding mothers, today I will share all the things they forget to mention during all those childbirth, newborn, and breast feeding classes. Ok, well, they may have touched on a few of these topics, but trust me: sleep deprivation will wipe your memory clean.
1. Your babies birth likely won't be the glorious Madonna-like experience you imagined. Unlike the touching scenes on the Hallmark channel of sweet loving gazes between mothers, fathers and babies as the music swells in the background...after labor and pushing or a c-section, most of us find ourselves shell shocked. Also? In all those hospital photos, you will be THE most unattractive subject, while everyone else looks fresh and perky :)

2. Should you decide to nurse your baby, be aware of the 3 week growth spurt (or if you are nursing a 9+ pounder...the weekly growth spurt). This was not discussed in my breast feeding class which is why Hubs found me in the living room at 3 am wailing, "I don't have anymore milk! And he just keeps sucking! I'm starving my baby!" One hysterical call later to the lactation consultant, she was enlightened to discover that babies will nurse endlessly to ramp up your milk supply as they grow and want to eat more. Thankfully the "infant-velcroed-to-your-chest" phase lasts only about 24 hours...until the next growth spurt :)

{no pics, just lots of bags of milk in the freezer}

3. No matter how "prepared" you are you'll feel totally disoriented the first 6-8 weeks like your life has been completely upended. But after this time you'll start to find your rhythm. This is also around the time that you'll stop calling your pediatrician's office to ask about the variety of newborn disorders and dire illnesses you've googled.

{sorry, no picture proof of this one either. only embarassing "episodes" with red flags of "highly emotional mom" tagged in my children's files at the doctor's office so every time we go in, the nurse kindly puts her hand on my leg to gently ask how i'm doing. :) we are on our 3rd pediatrician, and I was enjoying my fresh start with no "reputation"...until luca was born. ha}

4. Remember that these new mother days are fleeting. Later, you'll look back on them with tenderness and longing. So when you're up at 2 am wondering what you've gotten yourself into, look ahead to the days when your child shuns your lap for the swing set. Then try to treasure these early months.
{this picture was taken in the wee hours of the morning. probably around 2 am as mentioned above. luca is so perfect in every way, but i think we all know that he is not my champion sleeper :) i've had 2 good nights of rest this weekend and i've already forgotten what the big deal was about no sleep. worth-every-second.}

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Diana said...

this stuff is good to know! love the last sweet picture of you and presh baby luca :)