Friday, January 7, 2011

my littlest lovely- 5 months

Eating: Baby oatmeal in the morning, rice at night, mommy's milk every 2-3 hours! You could take or leave the solids. They don't seem to be your favorite. Next month we'll try baby food!

Sleeping: only if I'll let you roll out of the wedge and on to your belling and burry your face in the, NO. Trust me Luca, Mommy knows best on this one! So technically, you're sleeping...but your Mommy and Daddy stay awake to flip you back over.

Talking: you are talking a lot louder and your coos and gaas are now in much longer sentence like strands!

Clothing: Growing out of a lot of your 3-6 and moving into 6-12; size 2 shoe

Milestones: you are in the process of cutting teeth; grabbing your feet; reaching out to pick up toys; rolling over, and over, and over; and...spitting!

This was your first night to sleep in your crib! You loved it and I was a nervous wreck. You are back in Mommy and Daddy's room for now but hey, we gave it a good go :) Maybe next month!

You are as solid as a rock! You don't have hardly any rolls and you only have one chin! (polar opposite of your big sister at this age) ;) You are so strong.

You LOVE baths! You start kicking like you're on a paddle boat as soon as your first little toe hits the water and you don't stop until you're out!

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Diana said...

What a handsome sweet little boy!! Love all the updates on him :)