Sunday, January 23, 2011

more flower girl pics

the professional pics...such a beautiful day.

making her way down the aisle...

the only picture captured of this precious moment that i will hold in my heart forever... my sweet girl holding out her dress out like the princess she is as she walks down the aisle. she has been watching cinderella and taking notes :) love her
and now explaining to the priest why she didn't throw her petals on the floor...we wouldn't want to get the floor dirty now would we?

stuff they don't tell first time mothers

My granny clipped an article from the newspaper for me called "Stuff they don't tell first time mothers." She's always so good about sending little articles my way when she reads something applicable to me...which is great because reading the paper doesn't fit into my busy schedule these days :) I am not a first time mother, but these truths still ring true to this day! This article made me laugh out loud and I thought it was definitely blog worthy! It's pretty long so I'll choose a few of my faves. So here is to all my pregger and fellow mommy friends...

She starts off as:
Dear pregnant friends and breast feeding mothers, today I will share all the things they forget to mention during all those childbirth, newborn, and breast feeding classes. Ok, well, they may have touched on a few of these topics, but trust me: sleep deprivation will wipe your memory clean.
1. Your babies birth likely won't be the glorious Madonna-like experience you imagined. Unlike the touching scenes on the Hallmark channel of sweet loving gazes between mothers, fathers and babies as the music swells in the background...after labor and pushing or a c-section, most of us find ourselves shell shocked. Also? In all those hospital photos, you will be THE most unattractive subject, while everyone else looks fresh and perky :)

2. Should you decide to nurse your baby, be aware of the 3 week growth spurt (or if you are nursing a 9+ pounder...the weekly growth spurt). This was not discussed in my breast feeding class which is why Hubs found me in the living room at 3 am wailing, "I don't have anymore milk! And he just keeps sucking! I'm starving my baby!" One hysterical call later to the lactation consultant, she was enlightened to discover that babies will nurse endlessly to ramp up your milk supply as they grow and want to eat more. Thankfully the "infant-velcroed-to-your-chest" phase lasts only about 24 hours...until the next growth spurt :)

{no pics, just lots of bags of milk in the freezer}

3. No matter how "prepared" you are you'll feel totally disoriented the first 6-8 weeks like your life has been completely upended. But after this time you'll start to find your rhythm. This is also around the time that you'll stop calling your pediatrician's office to ask about the variety of newborn disorders and dire illnesses you've googled.

{sorry, no picture proof of this one either. only embarassing "episodes" with red flags of "highly emotional mom" tagged in my children's files at the doctor's office so every time we go in, the nurse kindly puts her hand on my leg to gently ask how i'm doing. :) we are on our 3rd pediatrician, and I was enjoying my fresh start with no "reputation"...until luca was born. ha}

4. Remember that these new mother days are fleeting. Later, you'll look back on them with tenderness and longing. So when you're up at 2 am wondering what you've gotten yourself into, look ahead to the days when your child shuns your lap for the swing set. Then try to treasure these early months.
{this picture was taken in the wee hours of the morning. probably around 2 am as mentioned above. luca is so perfect in every way, but i think we all know that he is not my champion sleeper :) i've had 2 good nights of rest this weekend and i've already forgotten what the big deal was about no sleep. worth-every-second.}

Thursday, January 20, 2011

just a little shout out...

Many of you may think this is weird, but anyone who knows this man would totally deem this as necessary :) I'm going to give my OBGYN a shout out! His name is Dr. Wells. Given the nature of his job, not many people would have so much to say about their gynecologist, but I do! You see,
he has a very tricky job. Not only does have to safely bring my babies into the world (which is THE most important job of all) he also has to deal with new/expectant mommies which are usually a bit of a handful ;) So you pretty much have to be a rock star to be good at BOTH of these things! And he is. He gave me two beautiful babies. Aside from bringing Ella and Luca into this world, he also has done so many other kind and generous things for our family. So here is the man I have put so highly on a pedestal!

He is literally one of my favorite 10 list for sure! Not many people can or do say this about their gynecologist :) He has the neatest heart for God. This has a lot to do with why he's so good at what he does and why I think he's so great. This shows in his relationship with us as regular people and as his patients. This is a doctor who genuinely cares and finds joy in his work...which doesn't happen often these days. You leave feeling so special, not because he's trying, but just because that is who he is. That is such an important trait for a doctor to have. Especially a doctor who brings little bundles of joy into this world! This isn't a Christian based office/practice...this is just him as a person. This just goes to show you don't have to have a "church job" to have a ministry! I am so thankful for him. I am so thankful for stumbling upon this doctor when we blindly walked into an office 30 weeks pregnant with our first born looking for a doctor.

Dr. Wells and our tiny baby Ella just a few short years ago...

and Doctor Wells with handsome Luca.

Hmmm, I wonder who he will deliver next?!?! haha!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Tiny Dancer

My little lady started dance class (tap and ballet) last weekend. It was a very proud moment for me!
In fact, I was so proud...I cried. Yep, I know...embarassing! I was one of "those moms".
Its just that she was loving it so much, had the biggest ballerina smile across her face, and was so darn cute. I couldn't help myself.
Don't get me wrong, I will support her in whatever she finds her interests it...
but I love that she is taking interest in one of my childhood hobbies that is near and dear to my heart :)
My proudest moment was when she took off like a runaway swan through the studio while Mrs. Melva chased her to get her back in line :o)
and also when she hopped like a frog and croaked as loud as she could in the ballet line while the other girls tip toed out and curtsied!
But she quickly started to realize that she was learning to dance...
and she took great pride in it (I think that's when the tears started flowing) ;)
Now tell me she's not just precious ;)
We got the go ahead from Mrs. Melva and so we went to Spotlight after class and purchased her very first pair of tap and ballet shoes! (that will be framed in my home forever after she outgrows them)
Oh, how I love having a little girl!

She has great rhythm! As for ballet, we are working on the the gracefulness of it all, but she is already a rockstar tapper! I can't wait for recital day...May 22nd!

Friday, January 7, 2011

my littlest lovely- 5 months

Eating: Baby oatmeal in the morning, rice at night, mommy's milk every 2-3 hours! You could take or leave the solids. They don't seem to be your favorite. Next month we'll try baby food!

Sleeping: only if I'll let you roll out of the wedge and on to your belling and burry your face in the, NO. Trust me Luca, Mommy knows best on this one! So technically, you're sleeping...but your Mommy and Daddy stay awake to flip you back over.

Talking: you are talking a lot louder and your coos and gaas are now in much longer sentence like strands!

Clothing: Growing out of a lot of your 3-6 and moving into 6-12; size 2 shoe

Milestones: you are in the process of cutting teeth; grabbing your feet; reaching out to pick up toys; rolling over, and over, and over; and...spitting!

This was your first night to sleep in your crib! You loved it and I was a nervous wreck. You are back in Mommy and Daddy's room for now but hey, we gave it a good go :) Maybe next month!

You are as solid as a rock! You don't have hardly any rolls and you only have one chin! (polar opposite of your big sister at this age) ;) You are so strong.

You LOVE baths! You start kicking like you're on a paddle boat as soon as your first little toe hits the water and you don't stop until you're out!

Auld Lang Syne

We got the new year off to the perfect start and brought it in the best way possible with...
two tiny princesses (and 2 sleeping babes),
the bestest friends ever,
some toasts,
and good cheer,
with sparking apple cider (of course) :)
With bells,
and silly string!
Although not every princes is a fan of silly string. Can you tell which princess of the bunch is the prissy princess?
And which princess is the party princess?
There were kisses,
and hugs...
We brought the new year in, in style! There was dress-up,
make-up (pucker up)!

not gonna was pretty fancy!
Happy New Year from the Readings! We hope 2011 brings much love, happiness and blessings to all of you.