Saturday, December 31, 2011

Our Holly Jolly Christmas

It was such a wonderful Christmas this year. It's been a tough year for a lot of us, but in this, we found so much joy and thankfulness to be together.
 We started at Mimi and Pop's house. This is the little tree that the kids get to decorate every year on Christmas Eve.
 And this year was Ella's turn to put the star on the top!
And of course Betsy and Ballard had to get back to the North Pole to help Santa, but they left very nice letters to the kids :) 

Loved Ella's expression when she realized the big one was hers!

 and this guy thought he was soooo cool on his truck. and he was of course!
 Luca and Uncle David!

 celebrating advent together.
 Watching a Christmas movie on Christmas Eve night. cozy :)

Then we drove to Nana B and Papa Bo's. Setting out the goodies for Santa! We thought we'd switch it up this year and give him donuts. 
Twas the night before Christmas...

Santa was here!
Ella woke up and saw glitter in his cup and on his plate. Some of his magic was left behind!
He must have been running late because he left his foot prints left his magical snow behind!

playing a snowman game

Christmas Sunday
Beautiful babies!
Then we had our family Christmas.
3 generations! The 4th was running wild somewhere :) I was SO happy that Granny was able to join us!
After the games were played, the dinner was eaten and the gifts were unwrapped, we had to work it off with a little wii dance and Michael Jackson The Experience wii dance. There was a lot of hip swinging, hee and hawing, and maybe a couple dance offs :)

Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas Fun

This post will be a little random! It's just what we (Mike, Luca, Ella, Betsy, Ballard and myself) have been up to lately...

tinseling the tree (this drove ella crazy b/c they messed our tree up)
 going to see santa--first year she didn't have a cow except for when she was a tiny babe! last year we got her up there and she smiled, but she was hyperventilating the whole time.
 Luca, however, has developed a strong sense of stranger danger :)
 I told Santa what she wanted because "she felt too shy". Then he told her what a good girl she had been and that she's a great helper. Then she said, "Merry Criscris Santa". Melted my heart!
 I thought this was clever. Ella walked in, said "that's not even funny" and rolled her eyes and went back to bed. The girl has got some major attitude--just the right amount to get her through :)

 christmas cookies!

Betsy made a puzzle of herself!
 and this one is just because he's so darn cute.
 and a little mischievous...into EVERYTHING!

 fishing in the potty with a candy cane...
 and reading a christmas book in the baby bed under the tree.
I only have one picture, but we have also been celebrating advent with Ella every Sunday. We have a special advent candle and she really has learned so much about the true meaning of Christmas. We have had so much fun this year celebrating and having fun with our little lovelies. We are ready to go home to our family. Oh there's no place like home for the holidays!!!