Thursday, December 30, 2010

Merry and Bright

Christmas time is always a special time but this Christmas was very special because it was Luca's first Christmas! I felt so blessed this Christmas as a new family of 4. We had wonderful time with family, lot's of good food, and memories were made.

Christmas Eve
We always go to Mike's family on Christmas Eve! Here are all of the kids this year. This crazy group you see made for one WILD Christmas! It was so fun though.
Ella and Kenzie-these girls were inseparable!
This was a new tradition we started this year. The grandkids all decorated a kids tree with ornaments that belonged to their parents, the kids, (Mike, David, Dee Dee) growing up. The rest of the kids were bored with it after the first few minutes, but I am proud to say my little decorating diva pressed on to the very last ornament and made sure the tree was fully decorated and every ornament was in it's place :)
awww :)

We finally have a boy for Jonah to play with! I keep telling Jonah that someday soon, Luca will be big enough to play boy stuff with him and he won't have to tolerate the girly play anymore :)

On Christmas Eve night, we drove down to Nana B and Papa Bo's and got ready for Santa!
Christmas Morning
at Nana B and Papa Bos! I love that I get to spend Christmas morning with my kids in the same place that I spent Christmas mornings as a child. Santa has made many trips down that chimney!

ella's santa pile-he brought everything she asked for including and not limited to..."fwoggy finger puppets, a butterfly book, and a pwincess jewelry box with a ballerina that twirls round and round, and a wobot" ;)
Ella opened each one of Luca's presents for him.

matching stools and can you see what else in the background?!? A WAGON!!!
Christmas Day
We spent Christmas day with my side of the family. We have some fun traditions here too that we have had for years. I have to say...we always have wonderful food, fun presents, and games to play, but the part that means the most to me is just being with my FAMILY! I'm so blessed to have this family.
luca B and nana B

game winners!
We have a lot of silly games we play that we have played for YEARS now...
you would think that after 15 years of playing the same games over and over...
that the men could get it right!!! haha
blake home from COLLEGE! Wow! When did that happen?

Christmas Sunday
aren't they a good lookin pair?
I didn't get a picture with Mike and I b/c it turned out blurry :(
Nana B, Papa Bo, and the kiddies


After all the Christmas festivities were over, we spent the last couple of days at home in Springdale. We didn't do much, and it was SO nice! We just lazed around the house playing with all of the new toys!

just chillin at the house with Papa Bo

We went to my Granny and Grandpa's house one day. Ella was so excited she went WILD!
Did Grandpa put Luca to sleep?
or did Luca put Grandpa to sleep? haha!

We are home now and I am enjoying the last few days of 2010. I have a few more days before returning to school so we are just spending our days in pjs at home playing, cleaning, watching movies, and getting ready for the new year! I am excited about things to come in 2011...there will be new adventures, opportunities, and starts. It's gonna be a good one, I can feel it :) Bring it!

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