Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Ok so if you are one of those people who are annoyed by parents ranting and raving endlessly about their child, this blog post is NOT for you because this blog post is nothing but shameless bragging!!! Ella was the flowergirl in my best friend's wedding. I was the maid of honor. the wedding was in Crested Butte so Ella and I took a little trip to report for our duties...just us girls! It was so great to be with all of my oldie but goodie friends. I love that we can all just pick back up with one another like we've never been apart. Next year will be our 10 year reunion! Diana made a BEAUTIFUL bride and the wedding was absolutely perfect. It is so great to have such a wonderful friend to grow through life with. It was an honor to be her MOH. We have shared so much together. Here are most of the bridesmaids at the rehearsal...
Ok, so now for the shameless bragging part. I already knew this, but my daughter is probably the coolest toddler in the world. She is beautiful, she's got pizazz, she can dance, she loves to party, and she's down right hilarious. I had so many people coming to me to tell me how cute and funny she was. They couldn't get enough of her! She hung with the big folks just like she was one of us. I was such a proud mommy this weekend :)

the bride and moh...rehersal dinner
MY girl! Of course I put the biggest flower I could find on her head...she's the flowergirl!!!
Having her at the rehearsal dinner (which was at a bar) reminded me of the move Sweet Home Alabama..."you have a a BAR!" haha
She actually partied very well. I'm going to have to keep my eye on this girl. Seriously.

Here we are on the wedding day. Ella kindly requested pink hair with white polka dots. We settled for ringlet curls instead ;) She had waited for her "princess day". This was HER day...or so she thought. I kept having to remind her that this was Diana's day, but she was indeed a princess. Here we are hanging at the salon.

She did such a great job coming down the aisle. It was the moment she had been waiting for and it was her time to shine! So she did what any princess would do...she grabbed the skirt of her gown and held it out (like Cinderella does as she waltzes onto the dance floor) and she floated down the aisle. She would not sprinkle her petals of the floor...she was not going to walk down a "dirty" aisle.
She stood in awe as Diana made her way down the aisle. She helped me fluff Diana's train. And then she stood still for a total of 3 more seconds before she bolted off the stage to confiscate the mother of the groom's bouquet. "My mommy needs these!", she said. I guess she thought Diana was getting too much attention so she started dancing a jig so I sent her off the stage to a friend (prearranged of course), which then she refused to go into the pew because she saw no signs of her crayons!

Isn't she lovely? You made a beautiful bride my love!

Ella couldn't get enough of the snow...she made snow angels all weekend long! We had to watch her closely so she didn't plop down to make an angel in her dress.


So Ella was a dainty flower girl by day...

and a PARTY ANIMAL by night!!!
The girl danced for 4 hours straight...not even kidding. She danced by herself. She hijacked other people's dates. She slow danced. She boogie danced. She bootie danced. And she ballroom danced. She had people waiting in line to dance with her by the end of the night!

During intermission, she introduced herself to the band (again, I think she thought they were there for "her" day)...
and then she took a little intermission nap herself...on the dance floor of course. The party doesn't stop with this girl!

She out danced us all, that's for sure. She was a wild one! The girl knows how to have a good time. I love that about her. I'm pretty sure she gets it from me ;)
Ella my love, I hope you enjoyed your big day. I know you were so excited to be a princess and trust me sure did shine!!!

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