Tuesday, December 14, 2010

All things Ella!

So what has our little rockstar been up to lately? First, I just have to say again for the billionth time, she is like the coolest thing E.V.E.R. I am so proud of this little gem and the darling little girl she is becoming. I never could have imagined all this personality in her tiny little 7 lb 1 oz body on the day she was born. I am so privileged to be HER mommy!

Ella is also very social these days...she makes friends wherever she goes!

Just enjoying a cup of hot cocoa! Or "hot offee's" (hot coffee) like mommy and daddy.

Ella and the big guy...she loves him in plastic form. But the real thing? Not so much!

My little snow bunny :) Ella is going to be super disappointed in the winter snow we get (or don't get) in Texas from now on! (more pics from our trip to Crested Butte)

I also got a few more super cute picturs of my little flowergirl from other friends! They are super cute...

Ella sitting pretty while mommy does her make-up :)
Ella taking care of the bride...

beautiful ladies!
great friends!
dancing machine :)

I absolutely love having a little girl! The pink frills, foof, curls, tutus, flowers, sparkle, bows, dolls, tule, fluff, and stuff are so much fun. I have been thinking a lot lately about all of the fun things I get to teach her and do with her as she grows from a little girl to a big girl, to a young lady, and then to a woman.
She is a beautiful soul. I love her dearly. She's my girl :)

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