Tuesday, November 2, 2010


We had such a fun and festive halloween weekend. Nana B was here to celebrate with us. We took our annual family trip to the pumpkin patch with a new little pumpkin to tag along with us! This is a tradition that was started with me as a child...we continued our tradition with Ella when she was just a few weeks old. I have lots of picks to show off so I've managed to keep it to a simple label of the first thing that comes to mind. Wonderful memories were definitely made!

jack-o-lantern pizza.
jack-o-lantern pancakes.
4th annual trip to the pumpkin patch.
kiss kiss.
little lovelys.
pumpkin babies.
pumpkin dude.
pumpkin princess.
the tiny one.
the pretty one.
weenie roast.
party animal.
carving a pumpkin with my pumpkin.
sock monkey.
pouty monkey.
my monkey :)
hoot owl.
cute owl.
future chi-o :)
family fun.
trick or treat.
the end!

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