Sunday, October 3, 2010

Under the Weather

Well, with the beautiful fall weather also came the seasonal colds, viruses, allergies, and infections. We've all been a little sickly here at the Reading Roost...Mike with a stomach bug, me with some sort of yucky virus/sinus infection, Ella with a fever, cold, and allergies, and now Luca with a little fever and a 3rd round of congestion (while on his antibiotic for his ear infection). Pretty typical for our family...but we are working hard to shake it before Ella's big day next weekend! In spite of being a little under the weather, we have still managed to have some fun!

Last week we took our first family part outing. Luca enjoyed the sunshine and Ella enjoyed having us all there together.

He is one happy boy!

Ella use to make a face identical to this! Looks like a little baby duck ;)
My beautiful girl!!!
Last night we took Ella bowling for the first time!
She was so cute in her little velcro bowling shoes :)
She was all into it until...
the lights went out!
Then my little party animal forgot all about was time to DANCE!!! She danced the night away. Ballerina style, gangster style, hip-hop, and maybe a little ballroom in there too. I do have to admit...the girl can move!

And this was what Luca did :)

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