Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Ellapalooza!!!

Here are the pictures from Ella's third birthday! I had so many pictures of the Ellapalooza that I decided to make a slideshow instead of posting all individual pics. Before pushing play, scroll down to the bottom of the blog to turn of my blog music so you can hear the video. Also after you push play, if you click on the arrows in the bottom right corner, it will show up bigger, but a little blurry.
She was soooo excited about her big day. It was so fun because it was the first time she knew what a birthday was and that it was HER birthday! It was such a special day for her and I hope she carried away a few memories that will last! I can still remember a few things about my third birthday...I remember the clown for sure because I was terrified by him :) I also remember the fun balloons! I love to go all out for birthday parties. Mike thinks I go a little wild, but it is a sentimental day to me and I like to honor it with the best parties I can possibly come up with at the time! That's how I role. I love to plan and party...hence the party planning ;) Even the 1st and 2nd birthday that I know she won't even remember. It is a day for me to celebrate my favorite little people and the day we brought them into this world.

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