Friday, October 15, 2010

Ella My Love

Ella my love,
Your are 3! How can you be 3?
I vividly remember the moment you were born and the first time I saw your face. They held you up for me to see you and that perfect picture of my unexpectedly blond bald beautiful baby is a moment in time I will always carry with me. It also makes me wonder when you grew up, where all the time has gone, and what the next 3 years will bring…well, the next 3 years will bring kindergarten and I’m not even ready to go there so we’ll just talk about being 3 today :)
So you are THREE years old…I love my girls…
big blue eyes
bright beam when you smile!
Your pig tails
and your twirl...
I also love that you have your own sense of style (yes you care so much about fashion at the age of 3…it started at 2)

And although it can be quite a challenge for mommy and daddy, I do love your attitude, high spirit, sass, and class. You have quite the attitude and love to be in charge and in control. Many people ask me where she could possibly get that from and I just can’t figure it out!!! ;) I think you’d be a perfect mommy and teacher someday…sound familiar? You’ve got a plan for everything, are organized, and can lead the pack. No one can mess with you…you have words beyond your years and know how to use them.

You are such a high spirited little girl. You are active, happy, joyful, innocent, pure, and you LOVE life…just as every little girl should. You even get excited about mac and cheese for dinner (which happens a lot these days). Everything is your “favorite”. You’ve got enough personality, attitude, for a group of 13 year old girls and that’s a little scary. You are incredibly smart which means your mommy and daddy have to get super creative sometimes. Your daddy and I are already having to read up and think about how to filter your strong will, your smartness, and complex (but amazing) personality for good things in life. They will take you far!
So needless to say, you’ve got some sass about you, but you’ve also got a lot of class. You are a lady. You must (at all times) have a cute outfit on (mostly princess dresses) with matching shoes and you rarely leave the house without your jewelry. You twirl in circles, love to slow dance with your daddy, and are very particular about your hair do :)
You are a dear friend to all of your tiny people.
You are so caring, protective (especially of Luca), and comforting. You seem to have a strong sense of justice for a 3 year old…according to you, people must simply be nice and do the right thing all the time! And if they don’t…they better watch out for Ella!!! Oh Ella my love, we have so much to teach you and so much to learn from you. Please grow up a little slower. We love you sweet girl and want to wish to you just as you would say it... “happy booday” baby.
a few more of my favorites of baby ella...

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