Sunday, September 26, 2010

Hello Fall!

The first signs of fall have made their debut here in North Texas! Fall is here and we are super excited about the weather, festivities, the upcoming holidays, football...but most of all, the relief from the triple digit temps! Our new tiny tenant has been with us now for 7 whole weeks and he has settled in quite nicely. Ella is smitten with him and is not afraid to remind people when they are holding him that they will need to give him back to Mommy because he is OURS!! She is so proud of him and we are too. It's almost as if he's always been here. He fits in quite nicely and our family feels complete. He's so cool and we can't believe he is OURS!
We're getting to know more about him all the time and we're in love.

I love it when he looks at me like I'm crazy (a foreshadowing of his teenage years I'm sure)...

I love it when he's chill...
I love it when he's happy...
I love it when he's sleepy...
I love it when he's sad....
I love it when he's mad...
and I even love it when he should be asleep...but isn't :)

This week was my first week back to work. I only went in for 2 days though just to get settled in and start small. The first day was great and the second day, I was just a mess all day long. Mike and I are in a really good place though and we have the best case scenario for a working mom...first, we have Nit who Ella adores and I know Luca will too. She is like a part of our family now. Second, Mike only has to go into work a couple of days a week and the rest of the week he can work from home and adjust his schedule so they get to be home all but 2 days a week with their super daddy :) I'm so thankful for a husband who is willing AND capable of doing this. He's such a family man...and pretty awesome. He brings them to me at work so I can nurse Luca during my break and love on my sweet Ella. I also have some great teacher friends who I do love to be around and have made my welcome back a little sweeter. So I'm choosing to be thankful for all of the positives I have working in my favor. I do have to admit, I don't have it nearly as hard as a typical working mom and I'm so thankful. I am very thankful for our situation and that we are able to still have our babies at home most of the time, have a wonderful woman (Nit) to fill in the blanks, and to have a family friendly job with good friends. Even though I only started off with 2 days, I was WIPED OUT by Friday afternoon! So before bedtime, Ella and I unwound with a nice little cup of pink hot chocolate. So here is to a GREAT year! cheers!

This weekend we went to Kenzie's 3rd birthday party...I can't believe these girls are 3! Here they are dancing a birthday jig together...
My little miss thang swinging her hips :)
Miss Ella's THIRD birthday is coming up in just a couple of weeks! I cried after her 2nd birthday party last year at the thought of her turning 3 the next year! Sounds silly I know :) But I can honestly say I'm not sad about it anymore...I'm really excited! As I see her evolve into a little lady, and as I get to know all that is "Ella" and the MANY dimensions of her personality that continually develop as she gets older, I've decided that I'm ready to celebrate the little girl that she is becoming because she is SO COOL!! More on that coming soon :)

Thursday, September 9, 2010

1 month old

Our little dude is already 1 month old!
Luca, you are as sweet as EVER! We're still working on the sleeping habits. Mommy and Daddy are very sleepy these days! But you are more than worth it. You are starting to smile at us. You are getting chunkier by the day and your rolls are just precious. You still have your lucious lips that we love to kiss! Your big sister is smitten by you and you have blessed our lives tremendously in your short 5 weeks :) Life seems to have stood still for the past month. We are getting to know you more every day and are so proud that you are OURS!!!
That sweet little pouty lip and his tiny little "waaa" cry melts my heart every time...and I'm pretty sure he knows it ;)

My Uncle Jeff and Aunt Kim and cousins Jessica and Jared came for a visit last weekend to meet Mister Luca. We visited all day, loved on Luca, chased Ella, and Aunt Kim SLAVED away in the kitchen filling our freezer with dinners. For that we are ever so grateful! We are so thankful to have such a close and loving family.

Diana was able to come for the weekend as well. She got to meet Luca and we got to WEDDING plan!!!
They are going to be a wild and wacky couple...I can see it in their eyes!
We (me, Ella, and Diana) went flower girl dress shopping and to try on Diana's wedding dress. Ella got a beautiful "princess dress" and the bride was beautiful! Ella you will make a beautiful bride someday!

She just looooves him!
Like the fo-hawk?!?
I went in the other day to wake Ella up from her nap because she had been sleeping for waaaay to long...or so I thought. I guess she got a late start on her nap because she got out of bed to play a round of beauty shop before crashing...this is the beautiful mess I walked in on to wake up :)
It's a good look don't you think?
Only a true princess would have this much concern for her "doo" before going to bed...that's my girl!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Luca's Newborn Pictures

Luca had his newborn pictures taken when he was just 4 days old! Today he is 27 days old! It was just a few weeks ago, but he has already changed so much. To see them, click here on Then, click to enter her website, then click on "clients", and then type the password. The password is: Luca (with a capitol L). The maternity album is posted as well as the newborn album so click on newborn album. Enjoy!