Sunday, August 29, 2010

My Babies

Luca Baby is 3 weeks old now and Ella Bella is just a few weeks shy of 3 years!

My mom and dad were here this weekend! My dad was still in Alaska when Luca was born so this was their first time to meet...awwww :)
and as you can see they got along just fine!
This weekend, we all camped at the house together in our pjs. Ella and Papa Bo went to the park, wrestled, and played hide and seek. Luca and Papa Bo got acquainted with each other and made up for lost time. Mom helped me plan Ella's birthday party, decorate for fall, rearrange and convert the office into an office/playroom, and play with the babies! We celebrated Dad's 50th birthday Saturday night and this morning, we had pink pancakes for breakfast! It was a wonderful weekend :)

One of Luca's firsts...his first cold :( We're going on a week now and it is still not completely cleared up. It makes for some hard nights...bless his heart. We are all working hard on his schedule and we are making good ground, but this cold isn't making it easy on us. This picture just makes me sad! He is much better than this now though.
We learn more and more about Luca every day. We are just soaking in every second of this little miracle getting to know what he's all about. One thing we've learned is that he looks like his mama as a mom sent these to me. The pic in the pink is me at the hospital right after I was looks so much like him during his first few days of life. The other picture looks like our current Luca in a little yellow dress, but don't be's me again!

We've also learned that Luca LOVES to cross his feet. They are pretty much crossed like this all the time. So cute :) I love baby feet...especially these sweet feet :)
And this is just one of Luca's many faces...
He has a bit of a blue steel look to him don't you think all you zoolander fans?!?

Luca all dressed up to attend the first of many birthday parties! We went to Lucy's first birthday party last weekend. It was our first family outing with exceptions of a couple errands, doctor's appointments, and a trip to watch sissy at gymnastics.
and he pretty much slept like this the entire time! Party animal!

My little dude
My girl

Everyone asks how Ella is feeling about Luca and I think these pictures pretty much sum it all up :) She wants to be the first responder to comfort him as soon as he makes the smallest wimper. She wants to hold him all the time and loves to boss...I mean remind...people to be VERY careful! She continually comments on how cute and tiny he is and how she loves him. Just the other day she said, "mommy, is he ever gonna talk to me?!?" haha. I try to tell her that soon he will grown and be able to play with her. She can't wait to play "handy cans" (aka Candy Land) with him.
She loves to show him things...she will show him the world from her point of view and is going to love to teach him things. This I can already tell.
Nothing brings me more joy than this right here :)

My mother in law was here last week as well for a visit. She gave Ella her birthday present a little early to spoil her. Ella named her baby Lucy :) Ella has a lot of friends that are younger than her (who she considers to be babies) named Lucy. She is very fond of these friends so I guess she thought Lucy would be the perfect name! She has been so cute walking around doing all of the things with Lucy that she sees me doing with Luca.
I took Ella to the Carters store on Friday for a special little girls outing with her...just me, Ella, and Lucy. She had a BLAST! I enjoyed getting to spoil her...she's been through a lot these past few weeks but she has been amazing. We browsed the clearance racks and found some premi clothes and pjs for Lucy...we even found a matching set for Ella!

Ella has been through a lot having to step to the side to allow Mommy and Daddy to take care of Luca. But she's been great. I've experienced a lot of guilt and we both have shed a lot of tears. I can't imagine this is easy for a princess who has been IT for almost 3 years. She is still IT to us and will always be, but she is also having to share the spotlight, hugs, kisses, cuddles, lap space, and attention. There is plenty for both of course, but sharing is always a hard lesson for the little ones!

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Diana said...

what a precious blog post!! i love that you are making Ella feel so special & loved! I can't wait to meet Luca & love on sweet Ella too!