Friday, August 13, 2010

he is here...and he's perfect

Our Luca baby is here! In our arms! We are so excited to introduce him. This is a super huge post that suits a super huge event...the beginning of Luca's life :) Hopefully this satisfies the friends and family back at home who are missing him and/or haven't met him yet. I am so proud of him. We played a little bit of catch up during this post covering the delivery, the hospital stay, and Luca's first week of life. Today he is 1 week and 3 days old. We are so in love.

The Delivery
The delivery was fast and furious. I came to the hospital dilated 5 cm and 80% effaced. I had been in early labor for quite some time. I was induced at 8:30, had about 30 min of active labor and then went straight into transitional labor (OUCH!!!). I hung in there for a while and then got my epidural at about 10:20, they checked me right after and found out that he was now! Soooo, we prepped and started pushing a little after 10:30, pushed through 2-3 contractions a total of 12 min, and he was born at 10:49! He was 9 lbs 4 oz and 19.25" long.
Just getting started...pre epidural...
And then a whole lot happened in between that we did NOT take pictures of :) And here we are post epidural!!
ready to push...

proud mommy...
proud daddy...

Luca's first pictures...

Still my baby girl ;)
and then 3 became 4!

Meet Luca
What can I tell you about Luca? We love him so much already. He loves to snuggle. He is a great nurser. He actually says "waaa" when he cries and it is the cutest thing. His hair fluffs out after his bath like baby duck feathers :) He has the sweetest pout. He's super chill (unless he's hungry or cold). He has BIG eyes. He has lots of dark dark brown hair. He eats every 4 hours (sometimes 3). His days and nights are pretty much in line. His big sister already acts like a 2nd mom (this I'm sure will become pretty interesting as he gets older). He is perfect and loved loved loved.

our first night together...
yes, he found his thumb and was sucking it...only hours old!

perfectly plump little prince

Luca's Visitors
Luca had many visitors in the hospital and they keep pouring in! We are so thankful for the support from our friends and family. We feel very loved :)

In the delivery room, meeting the family...

Ella and Luca!
Meeting her new baby brother ...

Ella came into the delivery room first before anyone else to meet her baby brother. At first she was a little confused as this baby we have been talking about was suddenly in my arms! Then she smiled and said his name :) She knew exactly who he was. I think she was a little alarmed by all of the cords and wires and equipment. She carefully looked him over and then we invited the rest of the family in.
meeting her luca baby for the first time in the delivery room! (sorry the pics are fuzzy).

this was the first time she asked to hold him. she checked him out very carefully.
kisses for luca...
this my favorite...i love the proud look on her face!

SShe loves to be where he's at...especially if it's in someone's lap! She has a hard time sharing her favorite people :)

sweet sister and baby brother...
i can't wait to see their relationship grow and believe it or not, I can't wait to see what kind of trouble they can make together ;)

Going Home
The day we were coming home, Ella came barraling through the door with the car seat in tow. She couldn't wait to take her baby brother home and be home with her mommy and daddy.
mommy getting you all dressed up...
all dressed up

our new family!

Our First Days Together at Home
Nana B came to stay with us for a week and then my granny and grandpa came after her for a few days to take over. They helped TREMENDOUSLY as we adjusted to being at home, getting use to carrying for a newborn, helping Mommy get back on her feet while she was healing, keeping the big sister entertained and feeling special, allowing us time to just be with our little man, cooking, cleaning, laundry, etc. I am so thankful for them being here. There is no telling what kind of state I would be in without them!
She was ready to bring him home! She came barraling through the door with the car seat in tow ready to have mommy, daddy, ella, and luca all together again.

reading Luca a book...
he is very protective of him already
She looooves to help and she is quite the helper :)

Excuse the chins please ;)

Grandpa got to come with us to watch Ella at say she was excited would be an understatement!
Our help is gone now and this week is the first week we will be adjusting new life with a big sister and baby brother! This week we will be working on our new routine together and just enjoying the blessing of the baby boy that has come to join us. Life is good :)

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Me and My Boys said...

He is PERFECT! WE are so thrilled for you guys! Happy family of four! {P.S. My first was 9 lbs 4 oz...GOOD FOR YOU!}