Sunday, August 29, 2010

My Babies

Luca Baby is 3 weeks old now and Ella Bella is just a few weeks shy of 3 years!

My mom and dad were here this weekend! My dad was still in Alaska when Luca was born so this was their first time to meet...awwww :)
and as you can see they got along just fine!
This weekend, we all camped at the house together in our pjs. Ella and Papa Bo went to the park, wrestled, and played hide and seek. Luca and Papa Bo got acquainted with each other and made up for lost time. Mom helped me plan Ella's birthday party, decorate for fall, rearrange and convert the office into an office/playroom, and play with the babies! We celebrated Dad's 50th birthday Saturday night and this morning, we had pink pancakes for breakfast! It was a wonderful weekend :)

One of Luca's firsts...his first cold :( We're going on a week now and it is still not completely cleared up. It makes for some hard nights...bless his heart. We are all working hard on his schedule and we are making good ground, but this cold isn't making it easy on us. This picture just makes me sad! He is much better than this now though.
We learn more and more about Luca every day. We are just soaking in every second of this little miracle getting to know what he's all about. One thing we've learned is that he looks like his mama as a mom sent these to me. The pic in the pink is me at the hospital right after I was looks so much like him during his first few days of life. The other picture looks like our current Luca in a little yellow dress, but don't be's me again!

We've also learned that Luca LOVES to cross his feet. They are pretty much crossed like this all the time. So cute :) I love baby feet...especially these sweet feet :)
And this is just one of Luca's many faces...
He has a bit of a blue steel look to him don't you think all you zoolander fans?!?

Luca all dressed up to attend the first of many birthday parties! We went to Lucy's first birthday party last weekend. It was our first family outing with exceptions of a couple errands, doctor's appointments, and a trip to watch sissy at gymnastics.
and he pretty much slept like this the entire time! Party animal!

My little dude
My girl

Everyone asks how Ella is feeling about Luca and I think these pictures pretty much sum it all up :) She wants to be the first responder to comfort him as soon as he makes the smallest wimper. She wants to hold him all the time and loves to boss...I mean remind...people to be VERY careful! She continually comments on how cute and tiny he is and how she loves him. Just the other day she said, "mommy, is he ever gonna talk to me?!?" haha. I try to tell her that soon he will grown and be able to play with her. She can't wait to play "handy cans" (aka Candy Land) with him.
She loves to show him things...she will show him the world from her point of view and is going to love to teach him things. This I can already tell.
Nothing brings me more joy than this right here :)

My mother in law was here last week as well for a visit. She gave Ella her birthday present a little early to spoil her. Ella named her baby Lucy :) Ella has a lot of friends that are younger than her (who she considers to be babies) named Lucy. She is very fond of these friends so I guess she thought Lucy would be the perfect name! She has been so cute walking around doing all of the things with Lucy that she sees me doing with Luca.
I took Ella to the Carters store on Friday for a special little girls outing with her...just me, Ella, and Lucy. She had a BLAST! I enjoyed getting to spoil her...she's been through a lot these past few weeks but she has been amazing. We browsed the clearance racks and found some premi clothes and pjs for Lucy...we even found a matching set for Ella!

Ella has been through a lot having to step to the side to allow Mommy and Daddy to take care of Luca. But she's been great. I've experienced a lot of guilt and we both have shed a lot of tears. I can't imagine this is easy for a princess who has been IT for almost 3 years. She is still IT to us and will always be, but she is also having to share the spotlight, hugs, kisses, cuddles, lap space, and attention. There is plenty for both of course, but sharing is always a hard lesson for the little ones!

Friday, August 20, 2010

2 weeks old

Luca was 2 weeks old yesterday! We have pretty much been camping out at home trying to settle into our new normal! It is quite the adventure, and as exhausted as we are, we are loving every minute! We know these are precious moments. We've made a couple of brave trips out into the real world to see the doctor, visit our friends who had a baby, and then one big trip (with me and both kids alone) to take Ella to gymnastics and to visit my school. Not sure why I thought that was a good idea but we aren't quite ready for those grand adventures just quite yet :)
Just to catch you up...
-Luca is still a very good baby. He fusses for a couple hours before bedtime every night but as long as he can nurse, we all survive.
-Mommy and Daddy feel: blessed beyond measure, tired, elated, loved and in love, overwhelmed, complete, emotional (mainly me), amazed...and more!
-Poor Ella has a UTI/bladder infection :( along with asthma from the pollution
-Ella still loves her baby brother. Some of the things she has said are: "I love him", "You're so tiny", "He's my baby brother". If he's not in the room with us, she wants to know where he is and if we can go get him.
-Luca is now waking up every 3 hours as opposed to 4. He feels bigger in my arms every day and is literally growing before my eyes! I know from experience how fast it goes so if I'm not helping myself or Ella with something, Luca Baby is in my arms and I am soaking up EVERY second!!

We've had some special visitors this last week. They all have come to meet Luca, bring food, check in on us, and they all have made Ella feel extra special. It warms my heart that they remember her too and go out of their way to be sensitive to her feelings and to make a big deal about her. Nit brought her candy with Luca's gift, my friend Erin brought her a little matching bow to match an outfit she got for Luca, and our friends that we rent the house from had a special cookie on this fabulous cookie bouquet for Ella. Her response was, "you make me so happy!" We are so thankful for the friends we have made here that are like our family. It is comforting to know you have those people when your family lives so far away!

Ella has been doing a lot of this the past couple of weeks...just playing dress up, babies, and dancing around the house and acting like a mommy. She's taken special interest in her babies since Luca has come home. She has renamed them all Luca and takes care of them just like she sees me take care of Luca. Pretty cute :)
Ella has been learning some independence. I'm struggling with a lot of guilt with her having to share her mommy. It's not hard for me to walk away and take care of Luca, but I worry that I am hurting her feelings. It doesn't help that she's been taking out the stress of the change solely on me :) but now that we know she has a UTI/bladder infection, I'm thinking that may have had something to do with it too. We've had some special things planned for her to treat her and make her feel extra special.
And Luca has been doing a lot of this :)

My handsome fellas :)

My 2 little lovies :) I love these two more than life itself.
We are looking forward to some more visitors coming soon! Mimi, Uncle Jeff, Aunt Kim, Jessica, Jared, and my BFF Diana...we can't wait to see you!

Friday, August 13, 2010

he is here...and he's perfect

Our Luca baby is here! In our arms! We are so excited to introduce him. This is a super huge post that suits a super huge event...the beginning of Luca's life :) Hopefully this satisfies the friends and family back at home who are missing him and/or haven't met him yet. I am so proud of him. We played a little bit of catch up during this post covering the delivery, the hospital stay, and Luca's first week of life. Today he is 1 week and 3 days old. We are so in love.

The Delivery
The delivery was fast and furious. I came to the hospital dilated 5 cm and 80% effaced. I had been in early labor for quite some time. I was induced at 8:30, had about 30 min of active labor and then went straight into transitional labor (OUCH!!!). I hung in there for a while and then got my epidural at about 10:20, they checked me right after and found out that he was now! Soooo, we prepped and started pushing a little after 10:30, pushed through 2-3 contractions a total of 12 min, and he was born at 10:49! He was 9 lbs 4 oz and 19.25" long.
Just getting started...pre epidural...
And then a whole lot happened in between that we did NOT take pictures of :) And here we are post epidural!!
ready to push...

proud mommy...
proud daddy...

Luca's first pictures...

Still my baby girl ;)
and then 3 became 4!

Meet Luca
What can I tell you about Luca? We love him so much already. He loves to snuggle. He is a great nurser. He actually says "waaa" when he cries and it is the cutest thing. His hair fluffs out after his bath like baby duck feathers :) He has the sweetest pout. He's super chill (unless he's hungry or cold). He has BIG eyes. He has lots of dark dark brown hair. He eats every 4 hours (sometimes 3). His days and nights are pretty much in line. His big sister already acts like a 2nd mom (this I'm sure will become pretty interesting as he gets older). He is perfect and loved loved loved.

our first night together...
yes, he found his thumb and was sucking it...only hours old!

perfectly plump little prince

Luca's Visitors
Luca had many visitors in the hospital and they keep pouring in! We are so thankful for the support from our friends and family. We feel very loved :)

In the delivery room, meeting the family...

Ella and Luca!
Meeting her new baby brother ...

Ella came into the delivery room first before anyone else to meet her baby brother. At first she was a little confused as this baby we have been talking about was suddenly in my arms! Then she smiled and said his name :) She knew exactly who he was. I think she was a little alarmed by all of the cords and wires and equipment. She carefully looked him over and then we invited the rest of the family in.
meeting her luca baby for the first time in the delivery room! (sorry the pics are fuzzy).

this was the first time she asked to hold him. she checked him out very carefully.
kisses for luca...
this my favorite...i love the proud look on her face!

SShe loves to be where he's at...especially if it's in someone's lap! She has a hard time sharing her favorite people :)

sweet sister and baby brother...
i can't wait to see their relationship grow and believe it or not, I can't wait to see what kind of trouble they can make together ;)

Going Home
The day we were coming home, Ella came barraling through the door with the car seat in tow. She couldn't wait to take her baby brother home and be home with her mommy and daddy.
mommy getting you all dressed up...
all dressed up

our new family!

Our First Days Together at Home
Nana B came to stay with us for a week and then my granny and grandpa came after her for a few days to take over. They helped TREMENDOUSLY as we adjusted to being at home, getting use to carrying for a newborn, helping Mommy get back on her feet while she was healing, keeping the big sister entertained and feeling special, allowing us time to just be with our little man, cooking, cleaning, laundry, etc. I am so thankful for them being here. There is no telling what kind of state I would be in without them!
She was ready to bring him home! She came barraling through the door with the car seat in tow ready to have mommy, daddy, ella, and luca all together again.

reading Luca a book...
he is very protective of him already
She looooves to help and she is quite the helper :)

Excuse the chins please ;)

Grandpa got to come with us to watch Ella at say she was excited would be an understatement!
Our help is gone now and this week is the first week we will be adjusting new life with a big sister and baby brother! This week we will be working on our new routine together and just enjoying the blessing of the baby boy that has come to join us. Life is good :)