Thursday, July 15, 2010

staying cool and busy!

This week we met Daddy at work and all went on a little lunch date! We started out at Taco of my favorite restaurants! Then, we headed across the street to favorite indulgence of all time :)

ella and kate at gymnastics!
Today we went on a play date to Jack Carter pool in Plano! It was super fun and my little girl turned out to be a tiny dare devil in the pool! I wasn't really surprised because she hasn't seemed to fear the water in any way this summer.
I remember being in first grade and afraid to put my face in the water and/or crying if I got a drop of water in my eyes...and my little tiny 2 year old is going down water slides! My heart was racing the entire time even though I knew it was fine.

Cruisin through the neighborhood on our way to the park and to visit the ducks...
Another new hobby of Ella's is visiting the library. Her Daddy is a big reader so I'm hoping he passed this gene on to her :) She loves to browse through the books, sit in the train station and read with me, and pick out lots of books and DVDs to check out. She loves to use the machine to check the items out herself.
Right now, her current interest is dinosaurs so we look for all the dinosaur books we can find :) She also loves toddler time. There is a lot of story telling and music and movement. She sings as loud as she can and thoroughly enjoys herself!
We are still patiently awaiting Luca baby's arrival! No news to report for now! The count down to D day is 3 weeks and 5 days!

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