Thursday, July 22, 2010

my babies cribs ;)

I love to be crafty, paint, design, decorate, and make things. It is a hobby of mine and a relaxing outlet. is what I have been working on over the last year! I started with Ella's room last summer knowing that we would be trying for another baby. Then came baby so I'm almost finished with the little babe's cribs a year later. DISCLAIMER: Each room still has a few touches I'm not done with so this isn't the "official" final product...I'm about %90 done in each room :) Ella needs bedding and Luca needs a rug and some more fillers on his bookshelf. Ok enjoy!

tHe GiRl
The inspiration in Ella's room was the fabulous chandelier! It was my splurge...I based everything else off of this. It screams Ella :)
I bought the armoire from a friend for $10 and then painted it myself. My Aunt Kim made the big sparkly crown. Again, we found it in a baby store for a super duper amount of money so she made it EXACTLY like the one in the store for Ella for her 2nd birthday. Love it! We also made the curtains from a shower curtain and painted the rod leopard print. You would be shocked at how hard it is to find cutsie curtain rods for anywhere under $50! I think I bought this one for $15...and I painted it myself. I painted the canvases of the residential city line behind her big doll house too.
I also made and painted the big pink frame in her room and painted the purple frame...
I put a big picture of Ella dancing in the street in the purple frame...this picture encompasses everything that she is and it is one of my favorites :) She radiates light, fun, beauty, attitude and sparkles everywhere she goes...she's like a big firecracker!
I painted her nightstand to match the armoire...
and we are still looking for new bedding that will match everything perfectly :) I've got my eye on a couple and am waiting for the super sale!
I found these framable canvases at one of my favorite shops back home for about $20-$25 a piece. I needed 3 so I set out and made my own for about $3 a piece!

tHe BoY

I love the mobile! It was the whole inspiration for the room. I found it before I even knew what we were having and knew that if it was a boy, that the mobile would have to be mine!
I saw these online and fell in love with them! The only thing is they cost $140 a piece :( Soooo...with my crafty Aunt Kim, we set out to search for supplies, put our crafty caps on, and made our own! I took these three ideas and made the elephant...
and then combined these next two...
to make my own for about $20!

Now what am I going to work on? O yeah, a new born baby :)


travis_williams said...

Both of these rooms are pretty flippin sweet. That mobile is definitely awesome!

In this wonderful life... said...

SUCH cute rooms!!!! love them.

where did you get the Luca's crib bedding? I never did buy/have any made, but I always have a lookout for future kiddos.

In this wonderful life... said...

ps I'll be saying prayers for you guys thursday :)

Missy Rooney said...

WOW!!! I am SO impressed with your craftiness! I may need your help and thriftiness to finish Colin's room- some day :)