Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Evolution of the Luca Belly

Luca baby is coming...soon and very soon! I feel like I've been pregnant for forever and I am soooo ready to meet this little guy. Our lives have been forever changed by a little girl, and we are ready to be forever changed by a little guy. I've loved this pregnancy, but I am officially ready to hold my little man in my arms instead of my belly!

We are going to be induced Thursday morning, August 5th, at 7:30 am. I am a little anxious about the delivery because the doctor is expecting a big boy! Ella was not so big so it worries me a little. However, I'm feeling very "ripe" these days and a bit uncomfortable so I'm totally motivated and up for the challenge of giving birth to a potential buddha baby ;) Ella's delivery was quick, flawless, and healthy...we are praying for the same this time! However, I'm trying not to hold any expectations because every pregnancy, delivery, and baby will be different...or at least that's what I hear. Judging by the differences in this pregnancy, I believe everyone who has ever told me that. Having Ella was such a blessing to our lives and an unbelievably special time...and I'm so excited about doing it all over again and dreaming about the adventures that lie ahead! We will see you soon...except next time, we will proudly be holding Luca in our arms and introducing him to the world :)

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