Friday, July 2, 2010

8 Months!

I cannot believe we are 8 months along already! My goal is to cherish these last few weeks of pregnancy...although it is getting quite uncomfortable and down right difficult at times, I still love it and am enjoying the anticipation of it all. I'm loving on Ella and giving all I have to her and spending special time "just us girls" before we add another new family member. Ella and I have been our own little pair for almost 3 years now getting into all kinds of trouble :) I'm excited to see what the next little addition will bring to the table! I have also been nesting like crazy and putting the final touches on the home and nursery for Luca.
We also had our 8 month check up today and from here on out we will be going every week. I am dialated a 1/2 a centimeter and Luca is head down and ready to go! Our non stress test came back very good today. There was lots of activity and his heart rate accelerated as it should when he was active. This was very encouraging since this was an issue with Ella and with him in previous weeks. The good news book says Luca is as long as he is going to be at this point and he will only get fatter. This was music to my ears because he is occupying every area of the womb from the top of my bladder, to the sides of my hips, and all the way up to my rib cage which he seems to be dangling from like they are monkey bars ;) Ella talks about him frequently and we are all ready to meet him! We are on the countdown now!

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