Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Evolution of the Luca Belly

Luca baby is coming...soon and very soon! I feel like I've been pregnant for forever and I am soooo ready to meet this little guy. Our lives have been forever changed by a little girl, and we are ready to be forever changed by a little guy. I've loved this pregnancy, but I am officially ready to hold my little man in my arms instead of my belly!

We are going to be induced Thursday morning, August 5th, at 7:30 am. I am a little anxious about the delivery because the doctor is expecting a big boy! Ella was not so big so it worries me a little. However, I'm feeling very "ripe" these days and a bit uncomfortable so I'm totally motivated and up for the challenge of giving birth to a potential buddha baby ;) Ella's delivery was quick, flawless, and healthy...we are praying for the same this time! However, I'm trying not to hold any expectations because every pregnancy, delivery, and baby will be different...or at least that's what I hear. Judging by the differences in this pregnancy, I believe everyone who has ever told me that. Having Ella was such a blessing to our lives and an unbelievably special time...and I'm so excited about doing it all over again and dreaming about the adventures that lie ahead! We will see you soon...except next time, we will proudly be holding Luca in our arms and introducing him to the world :)

Thursday, July 22, 2010

my babies cribs ;)

I love to be crafty, paint, design, decorate, and make things. It is a hobby of mine and a relaxing outlet. is what I have been working on over the last year! I started with Ella's room last summer knowing that we would be trying for another baby. Then came baby so I'm almost finished with the little babe's cribs a year later. DISCLAIMER: Each room still has a few touches I'm not done with so this isn't the "official" final product...I'm about %90 done in each room :) Ella needs bedding and Luca needs a rug and some more fillers on his bookshelf. Ok enjoy!

tHe GiRl
The inspiration in Ella's room was the fabulous chandelier! It was my splurge...I based everything else off of this. It screams Ella :)
I bought the armoire from a friend for $10 and then painted it myself. My Aunt Kim made the big sparkly crown. Again, we found it in a baby store for a super duper amount of money so she made it EXACTLY like the one in the store for Ella for her 2nd birthday. Love it! We also made the curtains from a shower curtain and painted the rod leopard print. You would be shocked at how hard it is to find cutsie curtain rods for anywhere under $50! I think I bought this one for $15...and I painted it myself. I painted the canvases of the residential city line behind her big doll house too.
I also made and painted the big pink frame in her room and painted the purple frame...
I put a big picture of Ella dancing in the street in the purple frame...this picture encompasses everything that she is and it is one of my favorites :) She radiates light, fun, beauty, attitude and sparkles everywhere she goes...she's like a big firecracker!
I painted her nightstand to match the armoire...
and we are still looking for new bedding that will match everything perfectly :) I've got my eye on a couple and am waiting for the super sale!
I found these framable canvases at one of my favorite shops back home for about $20-$25 a piece. I needed 3 so I set out and made my own for about $3 a piece!

tHe BoY

I love the mobile! It was the whole inspiration for the room. I found it before I even knew what we were having and knew that if it was a boy, that the mobile would have to be mine!
I saw these online and fell in love with them! The only thing is they cost $140 a piece :( Soooo...with my crafty Aunt Kim, we set out to search for supplies, put our crafty caps on, and made our own! I took these three ideas and made the elephant...
and then combined these next two...
to make my own for about $20!

Now what am I going to work on? O yeah, a new born baby :)

The Luca Diddy

Well at our last appointment, I was dilated 2 centimeters. Luca is dropped, head down, and ready! I've been having some contractions. Every night, they start up and range from 3-10 minutes and I keep thinking they will continue and become more regular. They do become more frequent and stronger everyday, but we haven't made it over the hump yet into active labor. On a side we think this baby could grow any lower?!? :)
I've heard a lot of people compare the way their child entered the world to their current personalities. For example, babies that come late are still showing up late to everything as adults. I can say this is very true for Ella...she is super compliant with a little bit of prompting and some bribery to boot every now and then. She wasn't coming out on her own but with a little prompting from the pitocin, she said, "OK FINE PEOPLE" and she was out in 5 1/2 hours start to finish! So what have I learned about Luca so far? Luca is going to be a BIG TEASE!!! So typical of men ;) We go back to the doctor on Monday to find out what kind of progress we've made. We may just hang out in early labor for a while or he may come tomorrow. Only Luca knows!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

staying cool and busy!

This week we met Daddy at work and all went on a little lunch date! We started out at Taco of my favorite restaurants! Then, we headed across the street to favorite indulgence of all time :)

ella and kate at gymnastics!
Today we went on a play date to Jack Carter pool in Plano! It was super fun and my little girl turned out to be a tiny dare devil in the pool! I wasn't really surprised because she hasn't seemed to fear the water in any way this summer.
I remember being in first grade and afraid to put my face in the water and/or crying if I got a drop of water in my eyes...and my little tiny 2 year old is going down water slides! My heart was racing the entire time even though I knew it was fine.

Cruisin through the neighborhood on our way to the park and to visit the ducks...
Another new hobby of Ella's is visiting the library. Her Daddy is a big reader so I'm hoping he passed this gene on to her :) She loves to browse through the books, sit in the train station and read with me, and pick out lots of books and DVDs to check out. She loves to use the machine to check the items out herself.
Right now, her current interest is dinosaurs so we look for all the dinosaur books we can find :) She also loves toddler time. There is a lot of story telling and music and movement. She sings as loud as she can and thoroughly enjoys herself!
We are still patiently awaiting Luca baby's arrival! No news to report for now! The count down to D day is 3 weeks and 5 days!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Summer Lovin...

We love Coppell's Farmers Market! Mommy and Daddy love the fresh fruits and veggies and Ella loves flashing her cutie grin and squinting her beautiful eyes at the sweet old man farmers to see what fruit samples they will give her ;)

Mommy has been nesting to prepare for Luca baby...Ella has been practicing her bossy factor in preparation of being a big sister!
We've been growing a lot and changing ever more into a beautiful little girl...but she's still my baby Ella :)
And we've been to LOTS of birthday parties!
Catching up with friends...
Ella loved trying to hold Lucy even though Lucy is a girl on the move!
We LOVE summer...longer days, lots of sunshine, fun with friends, grilling out, parties, pool time, vacation...all in all, easy living :)