Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Home Sweet Home

We just got home from our annual summer trip to Arkansas! As always, it was a wonderful trip. This was our 3rd time to go since moving, just Ella and I (and Mike too), and next summer we will have another little tag along! We spent our time visiting friends and family, hitting up birthday parties, and I even hosted my BFF's bachelorette party and got to spend a whole weekend out on the lake with my oldy but goody friends from high school (more on that later)! It was a packed trip. My Dad was in Alaska so we missed him. I didn't get pics of all of our ventures but here are some glimpses of how we spent our time...

ella and her great grandpa and granny
We spent a lot of time with Aunt Tesha, Uncle David, Jonah, and Sophie! We were able to be there to celebrate Uncle David's birthday and Sophie's 1st birthday!
We went to lunch with my cousin Kimberly. We grew up as little girls to big girls together and it was neat to have our own little girls with us...we've come a long way!
This is Kimberly's little girl, Kennedy aka Kennie :)

We celebrated my Mom's birthday with the family...but I didn't get any pictures :( This is Ella and her big cousin Blake...aren't they cute?!? I can remember when Blake was just a little tot like Ella...kinda makes me feel old!
Cooking with Mimi
Swimming! We went swimming A LOT...apparently the Texas heat followed us to Arkansas.

Aunt Dee Dee and Kenzie were also in town from Texas for a couple days so the girls got to play together at Mimi and Pops' house :)
Our little future razorbacks! Wooooo....PIG SOUIE!!!
Margie and I having lunch at the tea room...oh so yummy...I think this needs to be a new tradition :)
We celebrated Father's Day as well. This is Ella and her sweet Daddy. He is the best Daddy a little girl could have. God gave him something special to know how to love a little girl so well.
Ella is such a silly girl these days. Licking people/things like a puppy dog is one thing that she finds hysterical! You have to be careful because you never know when it's coming!
And now we're home and ready to spend the summer potty training, taking gymnastics, swimming lessons, preparing for Luca baby, and just having fun!!!

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Diana said...

Love the post!!

I think it's hilarious that she's licking everyone/thing! That's my sweet baby ella :)