Wednesday, June 2, 2010

7 Months

So here we are, me and my tiny tenant, at 7 months. We are well into the 3rd trimester and in full bloom! Luca is practicing breathing, sucking, and has all 5 senses now. He's got a lot of growing to do over the next 10 weeks so I'm not sure where this growing baby is going to go other than way out because as of now, he is inhabiting every nook and cranny of the womb :0)
I feel like I've been pregnant forever...but at the same time, I can't believe I'm already 30 weeks down with only 10 left! School is out for the SUMMER!!! So I'm going to...

-soak in and enjoy every minute left of this pregnancy no matter how hot, swollen, or uncomfortable I get because being able to carry him is such a sweet privilege, and once he's out, I'll never have that back and I'll miss it! Not to mention how fast they grow! Yesterday I just gave birth to Ella and today she's 2 1/2!

-Spend everyday will my girl...just us girls :0) I'm going to spoil her and give her all sorts of attention and affection before I rock her world!

-Enjoy some down time with the hubby after a whirlwind of a semester.

-Go home to Arkansas, relax, sleep, and have some fun!

-And of course, plan for Luca's arrival, nest, prepare, and dream about meeting him and how sweetly our lives are about to change...again!

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