Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Sock Monkey Shower!

My two sisters in law, Tesha and Dee Dee, and my sweet friend, Elise, threw the cutest sock monkey shower ever for sweet baby Luca! It had all of the special touches and was absolutely adorable. My corsage was even made out of sock monkey fabrics and it can (and will) be used in the future for a hair bow or fabulous accessorie for Miss Ella! These girls know me so well :) We decided to have the shower in Texas. I was a small sweet intimate shower with all of my closest friends and some family that was able to make it. We got some of the necessities that we didn't have with Ella along with some cute outfits that I can't wait to dress him in! It was a super fun and special day to celebrate Luca.

Our sweet family of 3 and soon to be 4!

This is the mood we started out in :( She was a little over stimulated from all the excitement!

Luca's prayer ring...now hanging in his room!

It should be noted that the monkey on top of the cupcake was made out of chocolate!!! Ella enjoyed every bite of it :)

The sisters in law...
the BFF...
and the momma :)
So many people love you already Luca! We can't wait to meet you!

Swimming Lessons

Ella is taking swimming lessons this summer and is doing so well! It is a mommy and me class, just like last summer, and I'm amazed at how much more confident and capable she is compared to last summer! I have a feeling that she will be a little fish in the water by next summer.

We started out a little nervous :)
but very excited none the less!
Mommy loves it because it makes for GREAT naps! We are learning how to kick, different ways to use your arms in the pool, how to blow out in the water and not suck water it, reaching, crawling out of the pool, and floating on our back. She's a little dare devil and isn't afraid of any of it. That is great for learning and is helping her be willing to try things...but not so great that she's just a beginner and can't swim and is not afraid of the water! I feel so good that we are doing this and she is loving it, especially after her accidental slip into the pool last week.
Nap time!

Home Sweet Home

We just got home from our annual summer trip to Arkansas! As always, it was a wonderful trip. This was our 3rd time to go since moving, just Ella and I (and Mike too), and next summer we will have another little tag along! We spent our time visiting friends and family, hitting up birthday parties, and I even hosted my BFF's bachelorette party and got to spend a whole weekend out on the lake with my oldy but goody friends from high school (more on that later)! It was a packed trip. My Dad was in Alaska so we missed him. I didn't get pics of all of our ventures but here are some glimpses of how we spent our time...

ella and her great grandpa and granny
We spent a lot of time with Aunt Tesha, Uncle David, Jonah, and Sophie! We were able to be there to celebrate Uncle David's birthday and Sophie's 1st birthday!
We went to lunch with my cousin Kimberly. We grew up as little girls to big girls together and it was neat to have our own little girls with us...we've come a long way!
This is Kimberly's little girl, Kennedy aka Kennie :)

We celebrated my Mom's birthday with the family...but I didn't get any pictures :( This is Ella and her big cousin Blake...aren't they cute?!? I can remember when Blake was just a little tot like Ella...kinda makes me feel old!
Cooking with Mimi
Swimming! We went swimming A LOT...apparently the Texas heat followed us to Arkansas.

Aunt Dee Dee and Kenzie were also in town from Texas for a couple days so the girls got to play together at Mimi and Pops' house :)
Our little future razorbacks! Wooooo....PIG SOUIE!!!
Margie and I having lunch at the tea room...oh so yummy...I think this needs to be a new tradition :)
We celebrated Father's Day as well. This is Ella and her sweet Daddy. He is the best Daddy a little girl could have. God gave him something special to know how to love a little girl so well.
Ella is such a silly girl these days. Licking people/things like a puppy dog is one thing that she finds hysterical! You have to be careful because you never know when it's coming!
And now we're home and ready to spend the summer potty training, taking gymnastics, swimming lessons, preparing for Luca baby, and just having fun!!!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Sweet Cheeks

We went for our 3D4D sonogram today! I left a little sad because we weren't able to get super clear glimpses simply because he is way down in the birthing canal which doesn't allow enough fluid around his face. It's good for giving birth! But not for pictures. I am happy though because he is healthy and that is the most important thing. We were able to see him squeezing his cheeks, sticking his tongue out, blinking (yes we saw eyeballs!), and at one point he appeared to be crying! It was pretty incredible to match the kicks and movement I feel with his actions. He kept his right hand up by his face. And at one point, even took ahold of his own face and cheeks and squished it all together. He's still measuring 2 weeks ahead at a whopping 4 lbs and 7 oz :0) So here's our sneak peak!

This one below reminds me so much of Ella...
Left hand on his cheek and right arm stretched over his face...

Both hands up by his face...so sweet.

Peek a boo! I see you!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Ella's First Haircut

Here is the before picture! You can't see very well but the back is pretty long...
This is her nervous face for when she is unsure of things or embarrassed...isn't it cute? She's had this same nervous face since she was itty bitty.
With the dum dum in hand, we begin! Notice she doesn't move her hand for quite some time and she just holds her sucker straight up...haha! She was concerned before we got there that it was going to hurt so she was a little confused and reluctant.
So long baby locks!
We took 2 inches off of the back and I got to keep a lock of her first baby curles :(
Still not comfortable enough to kick back and enjoy the sucker, but she's starting to warm up a little :0) This place had little TVs for them to focus on movies while they sit...genius!
Such a big girl...
Once the scissors were out of sight, she decided all was safe and chowed down on her sucker. She go a "princess braid"...
and a style...
and then we all made a big deal about her and she got a little embarrassed/mad :0) Not to mention she is on steroids for some bad bug bites and she highly emotional. So I couldn't get a good smiley "after" picture.
But I snuck a pic while she wasn't paying attention :) Pretty girl with a big girl hair cut! This is about the point I found myself unexpectedly tearing up because I realized I just cut off her baby locks! I know...it was needed and she looks beautiful...but it's just another one of those "firsts". So we quickly packed up and ran to the car to save myself from any embarrassing "highly emotional pregnant mommy who uncontrollably sobs" scenes ;)
Since she did such a good job at her first haircut and sat so nicely with me at the doctor's office...
AND was a good girl while Mommy ran errands...
We ended the day by taking her to the new animal shelter in Coppell to visit the puppies. She's been asking for a while to go see some puppies so we took her today as a reward for playing along so nicely!
It was the perfect first day of summer break!