Saturday, May 29, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend 2010

We started off the weekend on Friday going to my 30 week doctor's appointment. We had an ultrasound done to check on the little guy and the lady was nice enough to flip on the 3D/4D switch for us to catch a glimpse of his sweet face...and check out the cheeks on this little dude! So pinchable and kissable :) We are going back next week for a full 4D session so stay tuned for more pics! Luca is measuring 2 WEEKS ahead in size and is predicted to be a big boy unless he majorly slows down in the coming weeks. He is weighing in at 3 lbs 14 oz!
On Saturday, we spent some much needed and long overdue family time together...all 3 1/2 of us :0) First we went to Ella's gymnastics class and she did great! Last year we did a mommy and me class. This year she is of age to do an independent class with just the teachers...which is a little sad, but I really have no business bouncing all over a gym in my condition so I guess it's for the better :0) It's just one more "big girl" thing that she is doing now a days which is one more "baby girl" thing I have to let go of :(
She was so excited and continued to tell us in the car the whole way there, "Moddy, I so excited!!" (Moddy is Mike and I's hollywood name that Ella has given's half Mommy and half Daddy) I guess she thinks we're the next Brangelina ;0)

This is also our little rock star showing her enthusiasm with her "rock on" signal...another new Ella thing as of lately! I think this was her way of saying, "Mom...Dad...Let me go do my thing...I've got this!"
She took right off with the class, didn't cry, and listened so well! Again, all good things, but very "big girl" things which brings mixed emotions for Mommy! It was a huge difference from our mommy and me gymnastics class last year where I ran about 30 circles around the gym chasing her down to bring her back to our class :)

She was so proud of herself. She looked for us after every move she made with the cutest little smirk on her face to make sure we were looking and taking pictures. She even yelled out, "DADDY LOOK AT ME"!!!

"Moddy, are you looking at me?!?!"

At the beginning of the class, she told this instructor to "go away" before she would do/perform anything! So he played along and by the end they were buddies.
After gymnastics, we had a family breakfast at McDonalds and then headed to the theater to see the new Shrek 4 movie! After that, it was home to far the perfect start to a relaxing Memorial Day weekend! We've been so busy lately...too busy...and I think we all are very happy to just spend the weekend ALL together. It's just what we've been needing!

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