Thursday, May 13, 2010

Lakeside Baby Shower!

I had my baby shower at school exciting! I got some sweet baby boy items and a lot of gift cards so I can go shop and pick out the many things this little guy still needs :)
My awesome teamies!

There has been an official "Lakeside Baby Boom" this year! Seriously, we have had 7 pregnant teachers. 3 of us are missing in this picture and it was taken a few months ago so we all are a little more ripe now and 4 have delivered! Everywhere you turn in this school there is a big ole belly coming around the corner :) I am number 6 and my friend Lindsay on the right is number 7. And who knows...there is probably more to announce before the year is over! If you are not planning on babies right now, I seriously advise you not to drink the water or even enter the building for that matter. I think it is in the air too! We have one male teacher and I even think he should proceed with caution :)

These are all boy bellies in this picture except for Tamera on the right! The boys have taken the lead in the Lakeside Baby Boom with 4 for the blue team and 3 for the pink.


wrensmommy said...

aww... looks like fun! (and i'm totally digging that rocking chair you were sitting in! :)

can't believe you're already so far along! he'll be here before you know it.

merutig said...

You are still the most beautiful pregnant chick I know! :) Love you! xoxo -Elise