Sunday, May 16, 2010


Look at us now! We did it!
I feel like we have come full circle. When we moved here for the adventure that was DTS, we were new to Texas and expecting our first little bundle of loveliness :) We were naive and had no idea what was ahead of us! There were a lot of emotions, excitement, newness, and little journeys along the way. A lot has happened since then. We have roots, the best friends ever, we had our first baby girl and became a family, and we made a life here! Now we have wrapped up this part of the journey and Mike has graduated. And with his graduation, we are adding another little addition to the family. When I look back and see how sweet (and a little scary...but mostly sweet) those times were, it gets me super excited about the next stage of the journey that we are about to embark on.It was truly a precious time for Mike and I. We clung to each other and learned how to lean on each other. All we had was each other for a while in the big wide world...and then came Ella :) Our marriage grew so much and we became closer than ever. We both grew up a lot and we grew up together. God has blessed us with such a wonderful journey here. I wouldn't change a thing or have it any other way. It was a huge time in our lives that has defined our family of 3. Now Ella is 2 1/2, Mike has graduated, and we are awaiting Luca's arrival. As for the next phase of our journey, I don't know exactly what it looks like, but I know it will be a sweet time and a whole new adventure is about to take place! One that I'll look back on with just as fond memories as this. I can't wait!
Mike's sister and brother in law cooked a nice Cajun family dinner to celebrate Mike's accomplishment...complete with cards, streamers, and balloons! It was so sweet and meant a lot. Mike chose not to walk at graduation, so it was fun to have some sort of celebration. And who better to have it with than family?!?
These ornery little girls are so sweet. I had a cousin that was my age growing up and she was a huge part of my childhood...such sweet memories. I'm excited that these little girls, only two weeks apart, will always have each other and that special bond like I had.
I know they look sweet, and they are, but you shouldn't be fooled :) They seem to be great partners in crime. Just as they should be! Sugar and spice and everything nice, that's what THESE little girls are made of!
My pretty girl ;)

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