Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

With the pregnancy, various trips we have taken this year, and church, we were unable to make it home for Easter this year so Nana B came to us and we had a wonderful and festive 3 day weekend to celebrate together. We were sad not to be with the family, but our time was special and we made sweet memories! It was a beautiful weekend. We are going to start this out right with a little Easter message from Ella :0) I only was able to catch the end of it but it is one of her favorite songs, "Jesus Loves Me", sung in her very best opera voice :o)
(you might want to turn the blog music playlist off at the bottom to hear)
Dying Easter eggs! Finally, a Martha Stewart project gone RIGHT! Aren't they cute?
Some Easter goodies before church...

On our way to church!

This was a dress that my Granny had bought for me when I was a little girl so it truly is vintage! It had a stain on it so she never had given it to me so for Ella, she took the lace off, re-died it, and put the lace back on. It was so beautiful with her blue eyes!

the Easter bunny has arrived!
After the sunrise service at church, we came home and played outside and cooked a yummy lunch. Our little flower girl frolicked through the yard picking flowers for all of us...

Time to hunt eggs!

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