Tuesday, April 6, 2010

5 Months!

L-U-C-C-A and Lucca is his namo!
We have a name for our sweet little one! Lucca Bo Reading!
Lucca- My Dad's side of the family is very Italian, therefore so am I. I love the heritage and have always thought that it would be neat to give him an Italian name. We decided on Lucca. We love the name because it is fresh and modern and would work for a wild little boy or an handsome grown man. Another reason we love this name is because it means "giver of light". This is special because Ella means "light in a dark place". I love that the meanings of the names align. Ella lives up to her name fully and is such a bright light (she might like it described as a shining star ;) ) and we know that Lucca will too.
Bo- Bo is short for Bohannan, my maiden name. Being a Bohannan means a lot of things. You'd have to know one to understand. The personality traits that the Bohannans seem to have can really take a person far when filtered for the good! I love when people include their maiden names in their children's names. However, while Bohannan is a wonderful, good, strong name with lots of personality, it's just not fit for a first name :0) So that is how we got Bo. My girlfriends use to call me Bo and that is a nickname for my Dad too. Bo for Bohannan!
Reading- The Reading part was a given but let me tell you why I love the Reading name! The Readings are smart, witty, quick on their feet, sensitive (even if they don't always let that be known), lovable and loved by all, strong, selfless, and down right good lookin if I may say so!!
We had been debating names and had narrowed it down to 2. For all the reasons above, I just loved the name Lucca Bo. Since this is Mike's "boy", I didn't want to be pushy and wanted him to have a big say so I went against my grain (very uncharacteristic of a Bohannan) and decided to lay low. Mike came home one night with a sweet letter. He said that when he thought about the personality traits and characteristics of mine that he wanted Lucca to have (strong will, bit of a firecracker, passion), he said that most of those things came from the good ole Italian blood or from being a Bohannan so he had decided on Lucca Bo for his baby boy.

We are half way there! We went to our 5 month check up and good news...Lucca is still a boy! As I got onto the sonogram table, I started to have flashbacks of that eventful day when I was at my 20 week appointment with Ella and the doctor told us that our he was really a she! But not this time, Lucca is definitely a boy. Everything looked great and we are actually measuring 1-2 weeks ahead. They said that he is going to be a big baby, but I prefer to think that my due date is a little off...that gives me a little more peace :0) He can be as big as he needs or wants to be AFTER I give birth to him!!!
He is growing so much and so am I! He seems to have mistaken my bladder for a bouncy trampoline so I'm hoping he will flip around in the next day or so. Even if he is on my bladder, I enjoy feeling him move around. This is one of my favorite parts of being pregnant. I can't wait to see what he looks like. I'm wondering if he will look like his Daddy and me with dark hair and dark eyes, or if he will be a blond hair blue eyed beauty like his big sister!

While I was nervous about bringing Ella to this appointment with me (since Mike wasn't able to be there) I was so glad I did because all of the fears I've been having about her thoughts on a new baby joining the family were put to ease. She saw the ultrasound prints of Lucca and kindly asked to hold her "bebe budder". So she rocked and cradled her baby brother via sonogram photos. When anyone asked to look at them, including me, she said, "no, my bebe budder"! She seemed like a proud big sister and ready to have a baby again which is a big change from the recent downpour of tears at the mention of his name :)

Our little man is about the size of a spaghetti squash!

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