Friday, March 19, 2010


Mike and I thoroughly enjoyed our trip to Seattle. We fell in love with the city and felt like we fit right in! We didn't really know what to expect, but it was nothing short of amazing. Here is why we love Seattle: it is urban, outdoors, artistic, indie, mountains, water, big city, and small communities all in one! It definitely has a culture of it's own. You can go hang by the water or you can drive about 45 minutes and go ski. When you drive down the interstate, you see mountains, the water line, and the city line all at the same time. The parks were beautiful.

We went to the locks to watch the boats pass through...
Funny hotel Mike's honest efforts to be frugal, he booked us in the nastiest and possibly the dirtiest hotel I have ever laid eyes on. We should have known when we pulled up and it basically shared a parking lot with the strip joint next door :0) In his defense, it was not the same hotel they showed in the pictures on the Internet. Being the germaphobe and easily nauseated preggers that I am, the smell of dead fish really did not work for me. Soooo, with a little smooth talking and a lot of luck, we got reimbursed from hotel smells-alot and scored this AMAZING sweet at the Alexis in downtown Seattle! Big sigh of relief :)

Mike enjoying the local wine at our hotel's daily wine hour...
while I enjoyed the local water ;) and painted post cards for Ella and Kenzie staying back home with Mimi and Pops.
We scouted out neighborhoods just outside of the downtown area for living and found one we loved called Ballard. Somehow I didn't get any pictures from our day there, probably because I was just enjoying it so much! So I'll just have to tell you about it. It is right outside the big city part of downtown Seattle. It is a self-sustaining community. People that live there just walk it. You can drive but people don't seem to. Even the people with the nicest houses have old junkers or Mike's Altima would fit right in ;) On a sunny day, everyone is just hanging out in the town's little hub and are walking the streets, sitting in coffee shops, or playing in the parks. There were LOTS of strollers and people just living in community! It was so much different from the suburbs and was neat so see so many people just mingling through the town together.

We stayed in the big city part of dowtown...lots of big buildings, shopping, and businesses, but still beautiful.

This is where we ate breakfast on our last full day...scrumptious!
We perused the public market center. Every little town has their own farmer's market, but this is the big one downtown.
The famous fish market...smelled a little fishy but it was fun to see them singing and throwing fish to one another!

rummage sales at the market...
loved this guy. Lots of character in the city!

busy but chill...
The original starbucks...
We had 2 sunny beautiful days, 1 cloudy day, and 1 rainy day. We drank the best cups of coffee we have ever had and just enjoyed the get away! If we didn't have a beautiful daughter to give us a good reason to come home, we may have just stayed :)

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