Sunday, March 28, 2010

Dallas Circus Spectacular

On Sunday afternoon, we went to the Dallas Circus Spectacular! This was Ella's first circus. Nit and all of Ella's friends that stay with her at Nit's house were there. The Brooks family came along with us so Ella's Kate was there too! Ella was excited to have all of her peeps together :0)

Yes, she is balancing on her mouth!!!


These were probably Ella's favorites...because she thought that they were the "My Little Ponys" :) Ella loves My Little Ponys. We watch the movie pretty much every day. They do look the same! Pinkie Pie is her favorite so luckily one of them was pink. She said, "look Mommy, Pinkie Pie!" So Ella got to see the "real" My Little Pony ;)

Ella clapping for the trapeze artists!

Ella, Nit, and Zoe

Ella's prized possession from intermission! A huge balloon!!

Ella and Tia. These girls are great friends at Nit's house. Ella will miss Tia next year when she goes to kindergarten :(

Ava and Ella bumming treats from Nit and Terry!

This is our little party animal moovin and groovin to the beat ;o) Get down girl! She gets her moves from her mama...

All of the girls ended up sitting together in one row. So cute! Wow, FIVE little girls! Lucca is going to be severely outnumbered!

Daaaaaaance to the music!

Ooooo, Ahhhhhh!

Feeling the love :)

The elephants were my favorite...and Ella's favorite too! All was dandy until one pooped on the floor! In Ella's world, it is not ok to potty on the floor so she had a hard time with this :0) Doesn't that elephant know that poo goes in the potty or the diaper?!?!

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