Friday, February 12, 2010

Snow Storm in the Big D!

We have 10 inches of the most beautiful and fluffy snow sitting outside in our yard! It is literally the perfect snow. It started on Thursday morning and continued without a break until late into the night on Thursday. We had snowflakes the size of quarters!
We were sooo excited that we woke up early Thursday morning before we went to school to go play in it! This is Ella's first snow. snowed on Christmas Eve while she was tucked in her bed while visions of sugar plums danced in her head :0) And then Christmas day was too cold to go play outside in it, so this is her first big snow to go play in!
She tried to catch some flakes in her hand...
and on her tongue...
and then she picked it up to feel it for the first time. She said, "brrr momma its tode"! tode means cold ;) So then we had to leave to go to Mrs. Nit's house for the day so she had a pajama day at Nit's while the snow continued to fall all day long.
So when we got home, we bundled back up and went back outside to play. When we walked outside, Ella said, "oooo Mommy so pitty!" And I actually caught it on camera!

So then I taught my little girl everything there is to know about playing in the snow! First, we made a snowman...Ella's first snowman...Ella style :0)
She had some mad love for her snowgirl ;)

Then, we learned how to make snow angels...

Then it was time to go inside and thaw out with a nice warm bubble bath. Ella wanted ever so badly to take her snowgirl inside with her but I convinced her that it wasn't a good idea :0)
All of the snow slush froze over so we are spending Friday at home as a snow day! It was the perfect way to start off Valentine's weekend! First thing, we checked on our snowgirl outside, but we are staying warm and cozy inside today. We got a nice Valentine package delivered from the mailman from Nana B and Papa Bo!
This is Ella saying..."mom will you stop taking my picture and let me open my Valentine?"

Thank you for our Valentine goodies!!!
There is more to come of our sweet weekend!

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