Sunday, February 14, 2010

Our Funny Valentine

My two favorite things in the world :0)
Ella has been quite the moody valentine this year...but she woke up with a fever today so
now we know why! No matter how moody she is, she is still OH SO LOVABLE! New baby Reading keeps me pretty sleepy these days and I usually am passed out by 8:00 so we spread out our Valentine festivities throughout the weekend this year. Friday, we enjoyed the snow day and took it easy and watched a movie together at the house. On Saturday, we got another Valentine treat in the mail from our sweet Uncle Jeff, Aunt Kim, Jessica, and Jared. Ella now thinks that every time we go to the mailbox, there should be presents in there for her!
Sharing her treat with her Valentine teddy...
The girl loves lipstick so she was excited about this one! She has found another use for it as well such as storing candy to sneak in her purse! She slipped some red m&ms in there and pulled them out on the way to dinner...sneaky sneaky ;)
and tattoos!!!
Thank you so much Uncle Jeff and Aunt Kim!!
That evening, we went to dinner at Joe's Crab Shack! Yum yum! We didn't know yet that Ella was sick but she kept us rolling the whole time with her quirkiness!! (she's like her Daddy and gets a little moody when she doesn't feel good) ;)

Mike was calling Ella's name to try to get her to look at the camera to take a picture with me. She finally turned around and said, "WWWHHAAATTTT!!"
Then, Justin Timberlake's song "Sexy Back" came on the speakers...and our little lady stood up and started shakin her groove thang ;)I'm not sure where a 2 year old learns to booty dance?!? I know what you're thinking and it is NOT from her mama!!!

Sometimes at Joe's they (the waiters) get up on the tables to dance. This night, they were dancing to the YMCA! Ella was appalled and was flat out mad about it even though she usually LOVES music and dancing (as you can see from the groovin above)! But then when it was all over and done, she decided that it would be ok if SHE danced on the table as long as no one looked at her, smiled, clapped, or acted like they were having a good time at all :0)
Love her :)

Today, we kept our sickly home from church. After her nap, we opened a card from her Great Granny and Grandpa (thank you guys!) and she got some goodies from Mommy and Daddy and we took it easy and put her to bed early :( We had PINK pancakes in store for the evening, but we decided to save them for a better feeling day.
Happy Valentine's Day!!!

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