Monday, February 22, 2010

Oh So Two :0)

Ella, you are well into your twos and you are one very spunky, saucy, and sweet little two year old. Here are some of your favorites right now...

-You love to hide things! Your Daddy and I are constantly finding little things you've buried around the house...almost like a puppy dog hiding his bone :)
-You love to dress like a princess and you LOVE to twirl! 100% GIRL!
-You want oh so badly to put on Mommy's try every time you watch me get ready.
-You love to be the damsel in distress! You stage injuries and situations to be rescued
-You love to ROOOAAARRRR like a dinosaur and say, "Lella a dinosaur!"
-You act like a big brave girl at the doctor, which is a nice change, and love getting the sticker!
-You have a cute little southern drawl...especially when you need "hayulp" (help)...super cute ;)
-You love to sing and dance...your favorite song is twinkle twinkle, abc, or anything "heehee ow" which is what you say when you want to listen to Michael Jackson.
-You love to watch movies
-You are so over Dora and have taken interest in My Little Pony
-You love to pick out clips and bows to fix your hair
-You are a good negotiator and always pry for just "one more" while you hold up your cute little finger
- Your favorite foods are oranges and peebo cc's (peanut butter sandwiches) and nothing is too spicy for LOVE spicy foods!
-You are in charge, you love to be in control, and you are just a tad bit stubborn. (no idea where she gets it from :) )Ok, very stubborn...but I have no doubt your strong will will take you far someday!


We celebrated Daddy's birthday tonight. He is turning 27 tomorrow! Ella wanted to make sure she got to give him his present and that he had a birthday cake...she's always looking out for us!
And no, this is not how I dressed my daughter to go out :0) She was in her princess get up at home and thought she looked so pretty so we decided to let her be a princess in public for Daddy's birthday. It was that or wrestle it off of her and she's been a little moody lately so we are choosing our battles :0)
We went to Tulsa this weekend to see Uncle Jeff and Aunt Kim and this is the ONLY picture I got! Here is Ella and crazy Uncle ElJeffy :0)We had such a good time just hanging with family...brings back a lot of memories from days when I was a little girl!

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