Wednesday, February 24, 2010

It's a...

A baby brother for Ella! Our lives have been filled with all things pink and we are ready to add in some blue! We are so excited to know what we are having so we can give him a name and prepare for his arrival. He was a shy little guy yesterday :) He stayed all curled up with his little legs tucked under his bottom and his arms all curled up by his face. After A LOT of poking and prodding, he opened up for a few seconds to reveal his identity!

Hello there!
I'm excited about a lot of things...I'm excited to experience a whole new world that I don't even know yet...just like when I had Ella. I've heard little boys are VERY different :) I'm excited that Ella still gets to be my only little girl. I've heard that little boys loooove their mommies and I am excited to have a mommas boy. I am not a tomboy in any way, shape, form, or fashion, and I don't know a lot about boys...ok I don't know anything at all :) So I am a little nervous, but I'm going to take it on full force and dive in and do it right! I'll work up to the bugs and dirt but for now I think I'm going to start with the wardrobe!!!

For all of you who say that there are not cute boy clothes out there...I'm out to prove you wrong! You may have to look a little harder but there are some ADORABLE little things out there. My dear friend Elise, A.K.A. "Aunt Elise" (and Uncle Mike and Lucy) bought this for the little lad as a congratulatory gift, along with some trumpet booties and an adorable little sign for his room. Too sweet!!!
So here we are...4 Months!
The baby book says that he is about the size of a turnip, 5 inches long from crown to rump and weighing in at about 5 oz...which does not explain at all where all this weight is coming from! However, my doctor says that he is measuring a week ahead of time, he is 7 oz, and he is going to be a big baby...awesome :)

The turnip is a little scary looking so I had to include a picture of what he really looks like right now for a better mental picture :0) So amazing!This week, he is working on accumulating body fat, which must be what's causing me to eat like a grown man. Pretty sure I could wipe out a buffet in one sitting! He can see light and hear outside the womb. I'm sure what he hears the most is all of the noises his big sister is making! Ella pretty much sings all of the time so this baby may be born ready to rock!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Oh So Two :0)

Ella, you are well into your twos and you are one very spunky, saucy, and sweet little two year old. Here are some of your favorites right now...

-You love to hide things! Your Daddy and I are constantly finding little things you've buried around the house...almost like a puppy dog hiding his bone :)
-You love to dress like a princess and you LOVE to twirl! 100% GIRL!
-You want oh so badly to put on Mommy's try every time you watch me get ready.
-You love to be the damsel in distress! You stage injuries and situations to be rescued
-You love to ROOOAAARRRR like a dinosaur and say, "Lella a dinosaur!"
-You act like a big brave girl at the doctor, which is a nice change, and love getting the sticker!
-You have a cute little southern drawl...especially when you need "hayulp" (help)...super cute ;)
-You love to sing and dance...your favorite song is twinkle twinkle, abc, or anything "heehee ow" which is what you say when you want to listen to Michael Jackson.
-You love to watch movies
-You are so over Dora and have taken interest in My Little Pony
-You love to pick out clips and bows to fix your hair
-You are a good negotiator and always pry for just "one more" while you hold up your cute little finger
- Your favorite foods are oranges and peebo cc's (peanut butter sandwiches) and nothing is too spicy for LOVE spicy foods!
-You are in charge, you love to be in control, and you are just a tad bit stubborn. (no idea where she gets it from :) )Ok, very stubborn...but I have no doubt your strong will will take you far someday!


We celebrated Daddy's birthday tonight. He is turning 27 tomorrow! Ella wanted to make sure she got to give him his present and that he had a birthday cake...she's always looking out for us!
And no, this is not how I dressed my daughter to go out :0) She was in her princess get up at home and thought she looked so pretty so we decided to let her be a princess in public for Daddy's birthday. It was that or wrestle it off of her and she's been a little moody lately so we are choosing our battles :0)
We went to Tulsa this weekend to see Uncle Jeff and Aunt Kim and this is the ONLY picture I got! Here is Ella and crazy Uncle ElJeffy :0)We had such a good time just hanging with family...brings back a lot of memories from days when I was a little girl!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Baby Update!

Baby Reading is growing and we are moving right along through the second trimester! Babykins has not been so happy this week as he/she has swung my morning sickness back into full force :) Yes, that's right...morning sickness is back, with a vengeance. I'm trying to find what it wants but I just can't quite figure it out! As for now, from head to bum, baby is the size of an avocado :) A week from tomorrow (Friday the 26th), we will get to find out what this little veggie baby is! We are SO excited!!! So far, every single person has predicted boy. I'm just not sure! In my dreams it has been a girl but I'm kinda thinking it's a boy. So will we have more tutus, hair bows, tiaras, dolls, frills, and pink? Or am I going to need to study up on dirt, trucks, balls, dinosaurs, bugs, and blue? We'll just have to see!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Our Funny Valentine

My two favorite things in the world :0)
Ella has been quite the moody valentine this year...but she woke up with a fever today so
now we know why! No matter how moody she is, she is still OH SO LOVABLE! New baby Reading keeps me pretty sleepy these days and I usually am passed out by 8:00 so we spread out our Valentine festivities throughout the weekend this year. Friday, we enjoyed the snow day and took it easy and watched a movie together at the house. On Saturday, we got another Valentine treat in the mail from our sweet Uncle Jeff, Aunt Kim, Jessica, and Jared. Ella now thinks that every time we go to the mailbox, there should be presents in there for her!
Sharing her treat with her Valentine teddy...
The girl loves lipstick so she was excited about this one! She has found another use for it as well such as storing candy to sneak in her purse! She slipped some red m&ms in there and pulled them out on the way to dinner...sneaky sneaky ;)
and tattoos!!!
Thank you so much Uncle Jeff and Aunt Kim!!
That evening, we went to dinner at Joe's Crab Shack! Yum yum! We didn't know yet that Ella was sick but she kept us rolling the whole time with her quirkiness!! (she's like her Daddy and gets a little moody when she doesn't feel good) ;)

Mike was calling Ella's name to try to get her to look at the camera to take a picture with me. She finally turned around and said, "WWWHHAAATTTT!!"
Then, Justin Timberlake's song "Sexy Back" came on the speakers...and our little lady stood up and started shakin her groove thang ;)I'm not sure where a 2 year old learns to booty dance?!? I know what you're thinking and it is NOT from her mama!!!

Sometimes at Joe's they (the waiters) get up on the tables to dance. This night, they were dancing to the YMCA! Ella was appalled and was flat out mad about it even though she usually LOVES music and dancing (as you can see from the groovin above)! But then when it was all over and done, she decided that it would be ok if SHE danced on the table as long as no one looked at her, smiled, clapped, or acted like they were having a good time at all :0)
Love her :)

Today, we kept our sickly home from church. After her nap, we opened a card from her Great Granny and Grandpa (thank you guys!) and she got some goodies from Mommy and Daddy and we took it easy and put her to bed early :( We had PINK pancakes in store for the evening, but we decided to save them for a better feeling day.
Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Snow Storm in the Big D!

We have 10 inches of the most beautiful and fluffy snow sitting outside in our yard! It is literally the perfect snow. It started on Thursday morning and continued without a break until late into the night on Thursday. We had snowflakes the size of quarters!
We were sooo excited that we woke up early Thursday morning before we went to school to go play in it! This is Ella's first snow. snowed on Christmas Eve while she was tucked in her bed while visions of sugar plums danced in her head :0) And then Christmas day was too cold to go play outside in it, so this is her first big snow to go play in!
She tried to catch some flakes in her hand...
and on her tongue...
and then she picked it up to feel it for the first time. She said, "brrr momma its tode"! tode means cold ;) So then we had to leave to go to Mrs. Nit's house for the day so she had a pajama day at Nit's while the snow continued to fall all day long.
So when we got home, we bundled back up and went back outside to play. When we walked outside, Ella said, "oooo Mommy so pitty!" And I actually caught it on camera!

So then I taught my little girl everything there is to know about playing in the snow! First, we made a snowman...Ella's first snowman...Ella style :0)
She had some mad love for her snowgirl ;)

Then, we learned how to make snow angels...

Then it was time to go inside and thaw out with a nice warm bubble bath. Ella wanted ever so badly to take her snowgirl inside with her but I convinced her that it wasn't a good idea :0)
All of the snow slush froze over so we are spending Friday at home as a snow day! It was the perfect way to start off Valentine's weekend! First thing, we checked on our snowgirl outside, but we are staying warm and cozy inside today. We got a nice Valentine package delivered from the mailman from Nana B and Papa Bo!
This is Ella saying..."mom will you stop taking my picture and let me open my Valentine?"

Thank you for our Valentine goodies!!!
There is more to come of our sweet weekend!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

she's all girl

and a beautiful one at that :)
We are really into the "princess" thing right now. Every morning when we dress her, she has to take a few spins to test the twirl factor of her outfit...I love it. If it gets a good flare, it is an approved "princess dress"!
We've had a super chill weekend and it was just what we all needed! We jumped on her new trampoline, cleaned house, watched a lot of movies, and went to church. She even got the Saturday morning memo and slept in a little bit!
And one other thing...the girl is IN LOVE with her Daddy ;)