Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Our Little Artist...

Here is our little artist/fashionista hard at work on her easel! This is her new favorite past time...the girl loves to paint :0) And she looks good doing it! I think it is the rainboots :) Last week she painted 3 very special pictures that I will hold onto FOREVER! It was the first time she had actually named her picture or told us what she was drawing. So what would a 2 year old think to draw? A snowman, Nana B's house, and a little frog family (in her words: "Mommy fog, Daddy fog, and bebe fog") ;)
This weekend I went to Van Buren to host a wedding shower for my sister in law. Daddy and Ella had their first "daddy/daughter weekend" together. Somehow in all of the business of the shower, I didn't get one picture :( but I did get a picture with my little sweetie of a niece, Sophie! This is Sophie with her favorite Auntie Amber!

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