Sunday, January 24, 2010

Daddyless :(

This weekend, Mike had to go to California for work so we were Daddyless :( But while the men are away...the girls will play!!! So, Nana B came over and we had ourselves a little girls weekend. I'm not going to lie...I'm still afraid of the dark and being alone in the house...apparently mommyhood doesn't cure you of that :0) So mom is always good about coming to keep me company when Mike's not here. She helped me with A LOT of household projects and when she wasn't helping me, she was answering Ella's every beckon call ;)
Sweet treats from Nana B!
This is Ella's new favorite thing...playing dress up! It is absolutely adorable. She spend the entire weekend, naps and all, in her dress up attire complete with her shoes, purse, and "princess hat". We are working on "tiara" :0)

We took a little trip to the mall and no mall trip is complete to Ella without a carousel ride!

Daddy got home today and went straight to work putting together Ella's new trampoline! We go this from a family member who was so sweet to think of Ella...she is going to LOVE it! She was quite the little helper.
This week officially kicks of what will probably be the busiest semester of life yet since we've moved to Texas. When it's over, it will be so worth it, but we've got lots of new things coming our way and Mike has taken on another job to boot! This is also his last semester at DTS! It's so cool to think of how far we've come and what all we've accomplished in the last few years since moving to Texas. We are hoping that as we wrap up this season of life over this next semester, we will remember to be thankful and to take time to enjoy it.

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