Thursday, December 31, 2009

A White Christmas!

Christmas this year was awesome. We got to visit ALL of our family in Arkansas and it even snowed on Christmas Eve. We are back at home now and are enjoying a few days of rest and relaxation in our cozy home before heading back to work! Here are our Christmas pics! (Be sure to look all the way to the bottom to see Ella, Daddy, and Kenzie's dance party...priceless)
My sweet family

The grandkids
We spent Christmas Eve at Mimi and Pop's house and got snowed in! We had a birthday party for Jesus, read the Christmas story, and enjoyed the snow. I didn't get a lot of pics on Christmas Eve. There are a lot more little kids so it's hard to keep up with the camera :0)

We spent Christmas morning at Nana B and Bobo's house and then spent the day with family!

After Christmas, we went to Springfield, MO to visit Mike's grandmother, Aunt, and Mike's cousin and then we went back to Van Buren with his parents to spend some more time with Mimi and Pops.

Dance Party 2009!! This microphone was a present from Mimi and was a hit! We all got to see the little diva in Ella come out :0) She definitely knew how to rock the michrophone!

Don't you think this pic would be great for her wedding video someday?!?
Watching cartoons in bed with Pops!

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