Friday, December 18, 2009

Merry Christmas To All!!

Miss Ella and Lucy waiting for their social Daddy's to take them home after church last Sunday! They were both proudly sporting their backpacks.

Yesterday, we took Ella to see Santa Clause! We found this quaint little toy shop in Southlake. It was so much fun...Santa was beautiful, and of course we ended up shopping and coming home with toys!!
Ella has been talking about Santa Clause for weeks. She always points him out and gets super excited. She even bailed out of her stroller at the mall trying to get to him. It was all fun and games on the reindeer...
until it was actually time to face the big guy :0) She freaked out of course! I'm not above throwing her in the lap for a few seconds anyway for picture purposes (like last years), but she clung on for dear life screaming, "mommy no mommy no!" so we had to get more creative!

First we talked with Santa and then she decided that was a definite no, so I sat in Santa's chair, she sat on my lap, and Santa snuck around to the back. We got the picture and then Santa's jingle bells jangled and she realized he was right behind her and then it was all over. But at least we got the picture! All the way home...and I do mean the entire 30 minute drive home...Ella kept repeating, "Santa Clause scary!" Ha! They are sending it to me in the mail so I'll post it as soon as it comes in!
We are off to Arkansas tomorrow so we will see you after the New Year! We didn't get our Christmas cards out in time this year, so we want to send out warm holiday wishes to everyone from our family to yours. We love you and wish you a very merry Christmas!!

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