Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Trick Or Treat!

Ella was quite a little treat this year, with only a few little tricks. Nana bought the tutu and we borrowed the skirt from a friend but other than that, I designed and made her costume...with LOVE! I've been a little under the weather with the flu and respiratory infection so here are our pictures of our fun filled halloween...better late than never!
We'll start with Ella's new favorite thing...starbucks. I am possibly to be blamed for this since I am in there all the time, but the sweet young lady who couldn't bare to see my daughter cry (even though she was throwing an all out tanturm on the floor) offered my sweet angel apple juice in a little mini starbucks cup! It only took one and now she's totally hooked :0)
So, now to our halloween fun! We started off the day by going to the grocery store to buy candy for the trick or treaters and groceries to make white chili and my fall dumplins!
We trick or treated with Mike, Elise, and baby Lucy! We made our first stop at Nit's house and then decided just to stay and trick or treat in that neighborhood since that is where all of the Lakeside kids live.
every witch needs a broom!

This festive family rented a bounce house for their trick or treaters! Luckily, having a little one, we were there early enough so that Ella got to bounce before the big kids invaded it. These Lakeside families know how to party right!
And here's Lucy, the tiniest trick or treater of all!
Ella had absolutely no problem going up to people's doors for candy. I always remember being so scared of that part! She gave them a good 3 seconds to get to the door or she went for the doorbell again so we had to watch her on that one. Then, she happily ate the pieces of candy she collected as she trotted to the next house!
This is one of my past students, Mirko. This kid is hysterical!
I woke up Sunday feeling crummy so I dressed Ella up for church and sent her on her way with Daddy. She was so proud of her new church bag because it is a backpack and she can carry it all by herself. She even modeled it for us and struck a few poses (her other new thing she is doing). Who can blame her though with a mama who is snapping pictures all of the time?!?
Work it girl!

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