Sunday, October 11, 2009

Look Who's 2!

Ella's Octoberfest was a hit! It was a festive day of celebration complete with a weenie roast, tricks, and treats. Mother nature even chimed in with some chilly fall weather! There were a few that could only be there in spirit but for the most part, all of our favorite people were there and we were reminded of just how many people love our baby girl. We love you Ella Avery! Here is a sneak preview of our little pumpkin's fall festival and there are TONS more to come later...enjoy!

Daddy has a crush on Ella :)
Ella and Jack

***And as for those of you who witnessed the emotional breakdown :)...allow me to explain!
So many people from near and far coming to love on Ella + watching Ella as the birthday princess at her long dreamed about Octoberfest + a revelation after the party was over that she was officially 2 + having cupcake flashbacks all day that seemed like just last week (her 1st bday) + loving her like crazy and wanting to cherish every single moment = CRAZY EMOTIONAL MOM! Good thing she is not old enough to be embarrassed :)

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Anonymous said...

looks like a blast! can't believe she's two! miss y'all.