Sunday, October 25, 2009

Fall Festivities!

Nana came in town this weekend for our annual trip to the pumpkin patch! This is something that I did as a kid and so we are carrying the tradition on with little Ella.
Ella's main focus was not finding the perfect was the bounce house! In fact, we let her just pick any pumpkin she wanted, and THIS is what she chose...

This was Ella's very first "ride". Our little rebel LOVED it!!! She was having so much fun, she decided to kick her feet up (see below) and just sit back and relax.

This was just last year.....
and the year before that!!!
Today was our church's annual "Trunk or Treat"! There are lots of pics because we had such a great time! Ella is a witch for halloween this year :0)

Ella's pals...Jack and Lucy
witchie women ;)

Ella got to fish for candy!
Just enjoying some treats!
What trunk or treat would be complete without a petting zoo?!?! Ella seems to love animals. She pet everyone's dogs, she pet stuffed animals set up on people's decked out cars, she was all about the petting zoo, and she even tried to climb into the lama pen.

The lama is eyeing my daughter...not gonna lie, it made me a little nervous :0)

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