Saturday, October 3, 2009

Ella's Almost 2!

Our little cupcake just ONE year ago! I'm not sure which year has gone faster...her first year of life or her second. I can't hardly believe my baby is turning TWO! We are just having so much fun with her as her little...ok...BIG personality evolves. She has enriched our lives so much and I can't imagine what life would have been like so far without her.
Ok, Ella, you are about to turn 2! What has our little pumpkin been up to?!?!

1. You've always been into accessories, but your new favorite thing is your purse. You carry it everywhere you go. Just the other morning, you went all the way through the pitch black house and made it to your closet to get your purse that just happened to match!

2. You love to put on lipstick and thankfully haven't realized the difference between chapstick and lipstick :0)
3. You wear your sunglasses on your head just like mommy. Actually you wear them everywhere. We bought you some with pink lenses so you can see through them indoors because you never want to take them off! We have misplaced them at the moment, so the other day when you went with mommy to work to watch her first graders perform, you wore them through the entire performance even though they had black lenses and we were indoors!
4. You sneak out of time out and try to crawl as quietly as you can to wear mommy or daddy is. Your little hands still make pitter patter even though you are trying as hard as you can to place them down quietly. You think if your head is ducked down then we can see you :0)

5. When you are talking to us on the phone, you kiss the phone when we say bye bye...precious!

6. You walk with your hands on your hips like you are too cool for school...and you are :)

7. Every morning when I drop you off, you give me a hug and a kiss and then wait until I get all the way to the door to leave and you say, "ne hou" so I will come all the way back over and give you another hug and makes my day!

8. When Daddy asks you where he is at, you hold up your pinky. He taught you that because you have him wrapped around your pinky finger about 5 times over...and that's just how it should be.

9. When we tuck you in, we love to hear your sweet voice coming from your bedroom saying, "bye".

10. You are strong for your Daddy and all drama for your Mama. You never fail to let the tears flow freely when it's just you and me. Sometimes, I take you to the mirror to show you how pretty your bow is and you fake a pout and can actually manage to send yourself into full hysterics :0) (lord please help me when she's 13)!

And you are LOVED by so many people!

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