Sunday, October 25, 2009

Fall Festivities!

Nana came in town this weekend for our annual trip to the pumpkin patch! This is something that I did as a kid and so we are carrying the tradition on with little Ella.
Ella's main focus was not finding the perfect was the bounce house! In fact, we let her just pick any pumpkin she wanted, and THIS is what she chose...

This was Ella's very first "ride". Our little rebel LOVED it!!! She was having so much fun, she decided to kick her feet up (see below) and just sit back and relax.

This was just last year.....
and the year before that!!!
Today was our church's annual "Trunk or Treat"! There are lots of pics because we had such a great time! Ella is a witch for halloween this year :0)

Ella's pals...Jack and Lucy
witchie women ;)

Ella got to fish for candy!
Just enjoying some treats!
What trunk or treat would be complete without a petting zoo?!?! Ella seems to love animals. She pet everyone's dogs, she pet stuffed animals set up on people's decked out cars, she was all about the petting zoo, and she even tried to climb into the lama pen.

The lama is eyeing my daughter...not gonna lie, it made me a little nervous :0)

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

From the Suburbs to the City

Our trip to NYC was AMAZING!!! We walked ALL OVER Manhattan and visited many other areas. We got exactly what we went for which was a good feel of the city, insights to raising a family in the city, participating in the round table discussions with Trinity Grace, and having fun! This is a long post with lots of pics but what can I's a big city!!!

Mike's first subway ride :0)
super star!
Settling in on our first day and ready to eat!

Beautiful. It amazes me that there are these buildings and churches with amazing architecture just stuck right in the middle of everything.
Empire State Building. We had some meetings in here.
Rockefeller Center
The first couple of nights, we stayed in Harlem in an apartment. We wanted to see what apartment life was like in the city. This particular apartment was right across the street from Central Park which was nice.
On the first night, we visited one of the missional communities in the upper East side of Manhattan. This is were they meet...right in the middle of a neighborhood there was this door, and you walk into this super old church...pretty awesome!
It was very cold and rainy for most of the trip but that didn't stop us from much!

We learned how to navigate through the subways and did surprisingly well...except for maybe that one time when we went all the way to Coney Island at midnight and then had to turn around and then get a taxi b/c they shut the subs down...oops :0) Anywho...there was also the closest thing to Michael Jackson I've ever seen and I have to heart skipped a couple beats ;)

After we got a good feel of New York apartment life, we headed on down to our sweet hotel on Times Square! I took this picture from our window...can you believe it?
On the third day, we took a good look at Chelsea in Manhattan. It is the arts district and ti was so beautiful. These pictures are literally on top of buildings. The statue of liberty could also be seen from where we were. It was like a park in the sky...

Yep that's right...wooden lounge chairs that roll along a railroad track. On pretty days, people just come up here to read, lounge, and play.
We loved the Chelsea area because it had a good mix of homey feeling and city feeling.
After working up quite the appetite walking through Chelsea, we stopped at this quaint little cupcake shop...worth every calorie!

Like I quaint and homey in the midst of big city.
Pumpkins for sale!

The next day we had a lot of meetings but managed to squeeze in a little trip to Serendipity. Next time I actually want to make reservations and eat! Nonetheless, I managed to spend a pretty good chunk of money just visiting :0)

We also visited Brooklyn and loved that part as well. It was a seemed like a great place to raise a family! This night, we went out to Public Assembly in Brooklyn for a concert...good times! We went to see Zack Williams. He is the worship leader for Trinity Grace Brooklyn and he writes amazing can find him on Itunes if you wish!

We met up with some Park Cities friends from Texas. Ben goes to Princeton and his brother was in town visiting so they were able to meet up with us! We found this restaurant called Nolita. It was probably our favorite restaurant of the whole trip...great ambiance, food, and live music!