Wednesday, September 16, 2009

We Heart Shopping

The booots and the fabulous silver shoes were only 20 dollars at Marshalls! I love great bargains!
How cute are these? And they were on sale :0)

Gotta love Lelly Kellys...ok, these were a splurge but that is because I saved SO MUCH money on the other 3! And they match absolutely everything.

Rain, snow, or sunshine...nothing can hold us back from shopping adventures (another one of the many reasons I love having a girl) although right now it is more trouble than it is worth to take her with me :0) But SOMEDAY we will be great shopping buddies! This day in particular, we had some serious shopping to do because not one outfit or pair of shoes fit!!! She LOVES shoe shopping and trying shoes on (it runs in the family) so that kind of shopping I can do with her...but thats about all for now.

And this is Tia, Ella's favorite girl to play with at Nit's house. There is a little girl that is Ella's age, and another just one year older, but I guess Tia is just the "cool girl". They are buds...that's for sure! And that is the wonderful Nit in the background...she is the reason I am sain during the school year having to leave my baby behind. She loves Ella to pieces and Ella loves her. She is safe, motherly, and very protective :0) What more could I ask for? She is such a blessing.


Ashley said...

Oh my goodness, those shoes are FANTASTIC!!!!!! =)

Courtney said...

a girl can never have too many shoes. LOVE THEM