Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Paper Bag Princess

Paper Bag Princess is a super cute children's book and it was brought to my mind today as I turned around in the car to see Ella sucking her thumb and looking at me as serious as could be with her "hat" on her head. I took her picture and she said, "ta too" (thank you). She saw a bag and thought hat! I like it...she's already learning to combine fashion and function and is always looking for something to turn into a fashionable piece :0) I think she wears it well! Don't you?!?

This is actually where the paper bag came from. When I showed up to pick her up at Nit's house, her and Nit were outside together picking up acorns (Ella's new favorite past time)! Ella loves to collect her acorns and they find bugs to look at and pick dandelions out in the grass.

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